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Will you be upgrading to Longhorn?


Will you be upgrading to Longhorn?  

255 members have voted

  1. 1. Will you be upgrading to Longhorn?

    • Yes, but will buy with a new computer.
    • Yes, I will install on the same computer.
    • Yes, but I will have to upgrade my computer first.
    • No I will not be upgrading.
    • No, my computer can't handle Longhorn.
    • No, don't like Longhorn!
    • What the hell is Longhorn?

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peosonally.. i think that when longhorn come out.. if M$ gonna charge another S$500 for it.. i am gonna to Malaysia and get the pirated version fo it.. and if it not as effective 2003 in performance and stability.. i am just gonna throw it down the building.. cause after XP was realesed.. M$ really sucks now.. all the security flaws and blah blah.. <_<

actually, xp was the best thing microsoft has ever done :D

EVERYTHING has bugs & if u think something Out of the box is going 2 be stable with only a handful of ppl testing it, your wrong!

& hackers will find a way 2 even infiltrate even the best of software :D

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i hate longhorn period,for one thing it's too slow even on a fast pc,true it will prolly be better in 2007,it's doubful i'd buy a 6ghz pc just for that,i'll stick to my xp/98 combo even when ms brings longhorn out,the alphas suck big time,i bet longhorn will cost 1000 bucks,xp pro costs 500 bucks where i live and thats too expensive,if longhorn is anygood then maybe i'll change my decision but right now till longhorn is rtm i'm sticking to xp,2000,98

if i had a choice between longhorn and linux i'd choose linux

i voted for No, don't like Longhorn!

i more than don't like it i dispise it,too friggin slow and my stuff may not work for it,when it comes out it will be pirated like xp is and has..and i'm on a tight budget

there now i'm done letting off some real hot steam...


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??? is it possible to just take the "good stuff" from longhorn and intagrate them with xp.

I like XP as it stands...well for now at least

Yah you can...

Just get a job working for the Micro$oft Software Develop, part of the MSDN accounts :P

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But if I do plan on getting Longhorn I'll just have to bild my own PC.


I currently run a 1.4 Ghz computer

I plan to build a AMD 64 atleast 3Ghz with atleast 1 GB Ram and atleast 500 GB Hard drive.

I can't wait to test out Longhorn Beta 1.

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I voted no I dont like Longhorn, at least at this time.

I really do like XP, minus the Forced Internet Explorer, and some other things.

I doubt I'll switch to Longhorn when it first comes out, unless there are some REAL changes. Already Im counting on nuhi and nlite to de-bloat Longhorn when it RTMs.

Untill then I will continue using XP and probably more of Linux.

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