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  1. I really doubt the install uses an account to do the intial configuration, so it probably would not evaluate the var.
  2. Havent given this a go as yet...been away from the "game" too long. Sunil
  3. pretty good post... Unattended dvds saved me a bunch of time while i was doing my final project Sunil
  4. i assume u are using some custom code to link all the various pieces together... Or are the pages just displayed as several independent objects? Sunil
  5. To answer your question... it could be a file association problem, or a corrupt registry entry....im not at home right now so i cant really help u with the required entry... Sunil
  6. A cumulative patch contains all patches released since the last cumulative or service pack patch was released... eg. if service pack 1 was released 2 weeks ago, and 3 patches were released after that they would be placed into a cumulative patch...and so on and so forth....
  7. Sunil

    Can't Ping PC

    Firsty, What os is the other machine running... Secondly, I know u said that u cannot see a firewall running, try to verify this many firewalls require the client and host pcs to be running the same software. Zonealarm and Sygate are classic examples of this. Update us soon Sunil
  8. Been using sygate for 2 years, never let me down
  9. sup guys, just thought i would add my voice to this post. I have been using gaim for a while now, It is an excellent multi-messaging program. However what i think it lacks would be full support for the various protocols that it uses. For example. MSN uses the personal message function now, i find this to be somethign great and would like to see it implemented in future versions. GAIM vs Trillian and Miranda GAIM feels soo much more faster and responsive than trillian on my pc, it takes less ram. VS miranda it feels much more like a full featured app (miranda by no means is incomplete i just think it needs a bit more work.) Its more stable than miranda and has a lot of the features that miranda uses plugins for readily available. However the program it self lacks some good plugins. I can only say taht its a great replacement for msn, yahoo messenger. Sunil
  10. wazzzzzzzzzzupppppppp ie 7 coming soon (as i am sure you guys know), tabs here i come
  11. what you can do is create a bartpe cd and use that to fix the problem you can get bartpe from nu2.nu, create that cd and follow the instructions from the microsoft site. Except the rescue part.
  12. Pc Games 1. Half Life 2 2. Knights of the old Republic 2 3. Doom 3 4. World of Warcraft 5. Warcraft III The Frozen Throne (RTS) Gotto love them all (not in that order)
  13. There are certain programs that can lock certain tabs, however in your situation i do not know what can make those tabs disappear. What you can do is prob do a spyware scan and see if you can do a system restore to a later date. Sunil
  14. i was reading that you can downlaod the unupxed vers and upx them yourself.. It was on the winrar site..
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