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  1. So after fixing some partition table problems on my uncles computer. I tried to install windows XP SP2, alas I need the sata drivers and his computer doesn't have a floppy. so with the help of nlite I integrated the sata drivers and have made 5 coaster cds. So what happens is I pop in the cd and boot to cd. It goes through the setup off the cd and ask to reboot. I reboot and then when it restarts it crashes. the first error I can't remember, the second one is telling me STOP: c0000221 {Bad Image Checksum} The image user32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum. I burned it and even verified it with nlite and it gave no errors. In nlite all I checked was integrate drivers and make it bootable. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Well it is going to start out as a BT Seeder Box, but later on might get used for storage and etc... The storage might actually get done sooner than I thought so what is a good application for having a storage place. Also giving out accounts and managing them and also limiting space for certain accounts and etc...
  3. Thank You everyone for your imput. I have decided to go with the Windows 2003 Standard Edition. My friend won't have access to the parts till the end of this term due to some low grades (C-) so We will be just collecting parts. I have a 14" monitor which I think will be more than enough for the server and takes up very little room. I have a full tower case which gives us a lot of room to put in many hard drives. Any more suggestions would be great.
  4. Hello I go to college and we have a sick connection. We are allowed to run anything we want. Me and a friend of mine want to create a Bit Torrent Seeder Box. We scrapped up parts we owned and and going to throw these parts together. PII Dual Processor I believe (2) 450 Mhz Chips. (We will later upgrade to (2) 800 Mhz Chips which will be the max.) I believe it has 1 GB of Ram. It has atleast 160 GB of HD space. It has a PNY 128 MB Video Card (Only space card we had) It has a Audigy 2 ZS Audio Card (Only space card we had) I believe it has an internal SCSI port on the motherboard. What I'm trying to get to is. I want to Install Windows 2003 on it, but not sure which verison to install. After we install it we want to disable everything that isn't needed for serving as a BT Seeder. If you know of any guides online or if anyone who already runs one of these would be willing to help me once we get this setup that would be great. Thank You for your time and I await your response.
  5. Same I currently run a 1.4 Ghz computer I plan to build a AMD 64 atleast 3Ghz with atleast 1 GB Ram and atleast 500 GB Hard drive. I can't wait to test out Longhorn Beta 1.
  6. This was released awhile back. I have it installed, but I would like to slipstream it into XP CD, so that when I install XP it will load up this Theme also if anyone has this theme I would be much appreciate it.
  7. Well I didn't someone else did it. I downloaded a torrent Microsoft.Office.2003.SP1.Integrated-XiSO Could the SP1 be making it larger and if so then I would like to slipstream all the updates to this date into it and just make it a DVD.
  8. Ok thanks for the response and sorry, I did the search and found similar threads. I did the Office 2003 AOI Maker, but it came out with a 900 MB ISO. Did I do something wrong?
  9. I was wondering if anyone know's how to take the 5 CD's of MS Office 2003 and put it onto 1 DVD.
  10. I was wondering if I wanted to make a DVD like this whow would I go about doing it. Would I just make it like the CD Then Burn the ISO. Also I just downloaded an Engineer's Edition from POTUK.org here is the info that was provided and wanted to make a Unattended CD with this. Name: Windows XP Professional Engineer Edition Description: Installs Windows XP Professional Engineer Edition. Main Features: * Auto-Install [installs without user intervention (except partitioning)] * OEM Disk Drivers [iDE/RAID/SATA] * Installs Direct X 9.0 [Latest release] * Installs Service Pack 1 [sP1] * Installs Latest Updates to 21/06/04 [Latest] Registry Tweak Features: * Disables Auto-Restart on BSOD [blue Screen Of Death] * Disables Windows File Protection [slows down PC/Uses lots of resources] * Disables Error Reporting [but notifies when errors occur] * Disables Messenger Service [To stop spam, does not effect Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger] * Disables Remote Registry Service [No need for this any way] * Starts the Windows XP Theme Service [so you don't need any stupid customising software for themes] * Increases Internet Explorers Simultaneous Downloads from 2 to 10 [Faster Downloads] * Changes Page File Size to: [Faster Operation] Drive: C Initial: 1024 Max: 2048 * Auto Ends Hung Applications [To shutdown faster] * Changes Hung Application Time-Out to: 2000ms [To shutdown faster] * Changes Wait-To-Kill Application Time Out to: 4000ms [To shutdown faster] * Enables 'Always Unload DLL' [To startup faster] Other Features: * No need to Activate [No bugging you] * 2 Great looking themes [X:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\ (where 'X' is your Hard Drive letter)]

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