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Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended


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I've made my own default profile (by starting Firefox using the default profile)... it works fine with my unattended install... I did NOT modified download location.

Now I have this annoying problem:

The computer I modified the default profile was logged in to my account (Zilexa).

Now on pcs installed with my unattended disc, if I download something in Firefox, it gets downloaded to:

C:\Documents & Settings\ZILEXA\DESKTOP (all in capitals)

instead of the desktop of the current user...

How can I change this? it is VERY annoying!

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Well I'll see if I can figure something out, suggestions are appreciated.

Did you change the default installation path? I could see that messing up the icons.

Now on pcs installed with my unattended disc, if I download something in Firefox, it gets downloaded to:

C:\Documents & Settings\ZILEXA\DESKTOP (all in capitals)

instead of the desktop of the current user...

How can I change this? it is VERY annoying!

Check in the default profile for a prefs.js. In there there should be a download directory path, just delete it.

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I am using this silent install package since recently.

I have a problem though.

FireFox gets installed properly, and also the .xpi and .jar files I included are installed correctly, BUT:

When I check for updates, it shows each plugin/theme that requires an update twice, and if I install a (updated) theme or extension, my bookmarks don't work anymore.

Do you perhaps know how this could be?

Thanks in advance.

The package is great! :thumbup

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How are you installing the extensions? Via command line, or profile? Sounds like you might be doing both.

If you install via command line and want to update; you should uninstall the extension, then install the updated extension via command line.

Never heard of the bookmarks problem, but it could be a problem with how you are installing everything.

I would recommend starting with the normal setup, and install just your extensions and themes. If you are doing more, then I say you are doing to much.

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SimonSay request update on the first page to reflect this new profile.exe

Hello folks if you are new to firefox or if you a veteran. Here is a default profile I have created for Firefox 1.04. Extensions up to date as of June 25, 2005.

What this default will do is install 2 dozen of the most essential extension

you will need. Plus it will install a default theme. Also it has the lastest

adblocking script as of today. So no more ads no more annoying pop ups.

Test it out today.

Profile.exe <- download it here

Why a default profile? What is this for?

Well basically, if you want to install firefox 1.04 all u need is a switch -MS

to install firefox silently.

Now what about extensions and bookmarks?

Well basically using the default profile.exe method it is easy to update

and you only need to use Winrar SFX.

Here is default profile i have made for YOU!

All you have to do is download profile.exe

double click on it. It will silently install itself

now how do you u know that it worked?

* first backup your bookmarks and settings before you go further.

Simple all u have to do is go to

c:\ Documents and Settings folder

right click on the Documents and Settings folder

and search for mozilla folder and delete them all

now launch firefox

select dont import i.e. bookmarks

and wala u will see ... enjoy! from Astalavista

Edited by Astalavista
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I have a question on profile backup with batch file. The following batch file can only be run if placed in the profile folder (PS- The filelist might not be the minimum compulsory list):

@echo off
IF NOT EXIST "%systemroot%\system32\7zA.exe" copy "%programfiles%\7-zip\7zA.exe" "%systemroot%\system32"
ECHO bookmarks.html>> listfile.txt
ECHO cert8.db>> listfile.txt
ECHO cookies.txt>> listfile.txt
ECHO defaults.ini>> listfile.txt
ECHO formhistory.dat>> listfile.txt
ECHO hostperm.1>> listfile.txt
ECHO inforss.rdf>> listfile.txt
ECHO inforss.xml>> listfile.txt
ECHO key3.db>> listfile.txt
ECHO localstore.rdf>> listfile.txt
ECHO mimeTypes.rdf>> listfile.txt
ECHO prefs.js>> listfile.txt
ECHO search.rdf>> listfile.txt
ECHO secmod.db>> listfile.txt
ECHO signons.txt>> listfile.txt
7zA a -t7z MioProfile.7z @listfile.txt -mx9
DEL listfile.txt

So what do I have to add in order for it to be able to run anywhere? To be precise, how to search for the profile directory and set it as variable automatically?

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I don't know if you want to parse each user, but that would just mean an extra for loop, but this would get every profile for the current user.

The cmd would save the 7z files next to the cmd file, where you could keep the 7zip executable if you wish, but I remark of the different ways of doing it. Also made editing the list file a little easier.

REM Add the path to the 7zip executable
SET PATH=%PATH%;"%ProgramFiles%\7-zip\"

REM or leave it beside this cmd file

REM the list of files to backup
ECHO bookmarks.html
ECHO cert8.db
ECHO cookies.txt
ECHO defaults.ini
ECHO formhistory.dat
ECHO hostperm.1
ECHO inforss.rdf
ECHO inforss.xml
ECHO key3.db
ECHO localstore.rdf
ECHO mimeTypes.rdf
ECHO prefs.js
ECHO search.rdf
ECHO secmod.db
ECHO signons.txt ) > %TEMP%\listfile.txt

REM save all the profiles in the profile directory
FOR /d %%D IN ("%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*") DO (
7zA a -t7z "%~dp0\%%~nD.7z" @"%TEMP%\listfile.txt" -mx9

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How do you make these custom Firefox installers that include Flash, extensions, etc?

I would like to make a cab I can throw in nLite that will install Bon Echo alpha 3 (or maybe even this build of Alpha 3) with all my favorite extensions, etc.

Just read the "changelog.txt" that is inside the rar file in here (post 599).

You can include Flash dll in the Plugin directory.

By the way I am still using this nice piece of code to install my Firefox v1.5.

Thank you SiMoNsAyS :thumbup:thumbup

Edited by JohnS
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[quote name='SiMoNsAyS' post='321894' date='May 16 2005, 09:16 AM'][url="http://www.eazyshare.com/user_uploads/Firefox_Silent_Setup.zip"][size=7][b]Download![/b][/size][/url][/quote]

This link is dead

[quote name='specialized' post='331654' date='Jun 4 2005, 08:05 PM']Install Firefox Unattended

[code]REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "Firefox 1.0.4" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive% /install\firefox\firefox104.exe -ms" /f[/code]

greetings!! :hello:[/quote]

Thanks for this post man, quick and easy

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Hey gys, I've been using this script for a long time now and everything has run perfectly until I decided to use it to install Firefox 2 RC3.
It seemed to install Firefox, the extensions, and the themes ok but it didn't copy over the default profile with my settings. :no:
Can we get an update for this so it works with Firefox 2?
Also, the link Alphaz is talking about is still down. :}

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I just discovered that the prefs.js that I used for Firefox 1.5 is different somehow then the one in Firefox 2 and it was just recreating it when I ran it for the first time. So I made a new prefs.js with Firefox 2 and it worked.

Also, where is the setting to remove the bookmarks toolbar located?

Thanks! Edited by WattoDaToydarian
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SimonSays's Firefox_Silent_Setup still works with Firefox 2!
And perfectly!
It install extensions, searchplugins, profile and plugins without failure.
And even better.
One can choose or modify the default installation directory of Firefox.
Well, if you extract Firefox original install file, which is a 7z file, you will find that inside it there is a setup.exe. This is a nullsoft installer.
So, after following SimonSays guide, you just have to open setup.cmd that is inside Firefox_Silent_Setup.
Then, replace this line:
[quote]"%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Firefox\setup.exe" -ms[/quote]for this
[quote]"%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Firefox\setup.exe" /S /D=[color="#FF0000"]%PROGRAMFILES%\[color="#FF0000"]Net[/color]\Mozilla Firefox[/color][/quote]
(this is just an example - after that /D you can choose whatever path you want).
Then, in the same setup.cmd replace all this entries:
[quote]%SHORTPF%\MOZILL~1[/quote]for this (accordingly to whatever path you have choosen):
And replace all
[quote]%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox[/quote]for
[quote]%PROGRAMFILES%\[color="#FF0000"]Net[/color]\Mozilla Firefox[/quote]
This replacements can be easily done with notepad.
As I don't want to install Talkback, which is installed by default, I have managed to get rid of it.
Extract the original Firefox installation file and remove the directory under /optional/extensions.
Then compress it again.
I used [url="http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&showtopic=46640&view=findpost&p=324129"]this guide[/url] but then started using [url="http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&showtopic=46640&view=findpost&p=580038"]CréateurSFX[/url] by Vier
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