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Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended


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Youre getting the windows 'profile' confused with your firefox profile. While ultimately your Firefox profile is held in a subdirectory of your Docs and Settings folder, it should start in the 'Defaults\profile' folder of your firefox directory as Firefox creates a randomly named directory to hold your profile under the Docs and Settings folder.

Hope this makes sense...

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If you copy over from %appdata%\Mozilla or create profile.ini can you not simply prevent the random directory name and use the one defined in there?




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is not necessary to specify the full path on profiles.ini. it will search by default on %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox. you can use any name you want for your profile.

for example you can use the structure %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Yzowl and your profiles.ini should look like



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That method is different than placing 'profile=profiles\Yzowl' in your firefox shortcut, correct? Because I know placing it in your shortcut looks in the same folder as firefox.exe.

If so, thats def good to know for future installs.

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What I was suggesting was that if you copied that file to the %appdata%\Mozilla folder in your unattended, you could tell Mozilla where to look for your profile. This could then either be an existing one on another partition, although not probably not recommended if different version; or one you have created during your ua setup. You could then put your relevant bookmarks, prefs etc in during the ua install and your good to go.

I have no idea if this works as yet, although it does seem entirely feasible.

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@durex, yes is different than adding the parameter to the shortcut.

replacing profiles.ini you simply tell firefox where to look for your profile.

@Yzöwl, i didn't understand you before :P

you mean to include a full path to your profile (not necessary located at %appdata%)... is a good idea but i haven't tested it and i don't know if firefox could read it (specially using system %variables%).

try it and tell me if it works :)

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There shouldn't be a problem, with the ini, I have many of them already using variables.

I will try it out with a basic install shortly and edit this message with the result.


The %Userprofile% or any other variable doesn't appear to work, at the moment.

I don't know if it is the variable itself or whether there is a conflicting record somewhere in Firefox.

However, if you start for the first time with the Profile Manager, you can create a new profile using whichever name and location you wish, pointing it to a newly created or existing installation, containing your cookies signons bookmarks etc.

And yes, I think I've wasted my time...


Edited by Yzöwl
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Here is my latest default profile 1.3 MB <<---- Pls use this if possible RapidShare Link

Direct link to Default Profile 1.3 MB <<<----- Thank you dbukvic

Change log:

Updated all the Extensions w/ new ones! I am sure u will enjoy.

Smaller File Size

Fix bugs in previous release

AdBlock V.5 d2 * nightly 39

Add Bookmark Here 0.5.3

Bandwidth Tester 0.4.1

BBCodeXtra 0.2.2

Connection Manager 1.0

Context Highlight 0.2

Copy URL + 1.3.1

CuteMenus 0.4

Define Word 0.5.1

Download Manager Tweak 0.6.5

Download Statusbar 0.9.2

Enhanced History Manager

eWebmail Color and Graphics 2.12

FlashGot 0.5.9

Gmail Notifier 0.4.2

GooglePreview 0.9


Inline Autocomplete 0.0.4

Paste and Go 0.4.1

Print Preview 0.4


Resize Search Box 0.0.5

Smiley Xtra 3.1.3

Tabbrowser Preferences 1.2.4

Tweak Network 1.0

SimonSays pls put a link on your first page. Thanks

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first post edited; removed totoymola's setups, links were broken and 1.0.1 is obsolete.

link to the latest Astalavista profile also linked :)

@totoymola if you create a new .msi feel free to contact me and i'll update the info ;)

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Okee, back from holiday and again trying to get my FF instal silent, and the way I like it.

I have managed to get my bookmarks and most of my extensions. But I am having troubles to get adblock instald. Ihave put it in the XPI dir and copyed over the localstore.rdf. But after install No Adblock. I have searced this forum and understand that this EXT is giving some problems to install.

Can anybody help me.

Allso I have noticed that there is a flashgot.exe in the profiles dir. Must I copy this? I have been testing without copying it, and all seems to work. But will this still be the same when I am doing a fresh install?


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@DaRKNeSS666NL, this thread is becoming very big that's why you didn't found it.

all of you having problems with the adblock extension try this version.

about flashgot.exe i would leave it to prevent issues :P

@smercer, the link you talk about isn't working b/c it was replaced with the current attachement. btw all what you need is located on that zip file inluding the tools linked.

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