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  1. Wouldn't that show me folders that do have mp3's in them? I'm trying to find folders without music, so I can delete those folders. Various programs have retagged and moved music files, leaving folders behind that are either empty, or just have an album artwork jpg. I was hoping to clean those up. I should also note that the free utility WinDirStat seems to do the same job as TreeView for free. http://windirstat.info/
  2. Many years ago I decided to rip my entire CD collection to my hard drive. I've bounced between Windows Media Player, iTunes and Amarok on Linux, each who've tagged songs differently, and tried to rearrange music according to those varying tags. I want to try and cleanup my D:\Music folder. I'm wondering if someone could whip together a simple script (VB or Powershell, since I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, which should have Powershell) that can scan subfolders and report which folders don't have any music files in them. All my music is either in .mp3, .m4p or .m4a format. Thanks!
  3. I almost never touch GPO. I don't know where pretty much anything is in GPO. I often deplay Windows Server for small businesses here and there. 99% of the time, defaults in GPO are good enough for me and the small businesses I support. However, I have a client that I just moved to a Windows Server 2008 domain from 2003 (SBS). Now they can't process checks on their bank's website (which uses an unsigned activex control of all things!) If I log in as DOMAIN-NAME\administrator the site works fine. If I try to set the security settings to low for trusted sites, it doesn't keep, presumably because GPO is overriding it. I also get a message in the Internet Options dialog that the Administrator has disabled some settings. The users are local admins on their boxes, so again, this must be a domain GPO. (Not to mention that we didn't change any software locally on the PCs. We're just now connected to a new domain). I know this is probably simple if you know GPO, but I'm not sure where to look. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. They're not using Exchange for email. Their ISP provides email. So we've had users lose their .PST file with a HDD crash, and lose all their email. We have no way to restore it. Thusly, I need the .PST file on the server for backup purposes. The last two companies I worked for had this working automatically. The first time you ran Outlook, you'd put in your Exchange details, but Outlook defaulting to storing the .PST on a shared drive. I assume this is in GPO somewhere. I'm still looking for a solution if someone has one.
  5. Perhaps this is a stupid question. I've worked for two companies where it seemed by default, Outlook looked to a network drive for a .PST file. The actual default for Outlook is to look in c:\documents and settings\user-foo\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook How do I change this? Is there a group policy setting? I'm setting out a new domain for a small business and I was curious. If you have any other suggestions for tweaks you would make beyond typical defaults for a small business domain, I'm all ears.
  6. Thanks! I read that 2008 still supported mixed-mode, but I was worried that 2008 Standard may not like 2003 Small Business. Those look like great starting points. I'm heavily encouraging the client to build a proper computer/server room. For the time being, I have the server in their conference room. I will be placing the new one there as well until they get a proper computer room built. I will not install the new server in the closet they were using before. The really bad thing is that last month the closet overheated and they melted their switch. I warned them about heat then.
  7. I have a client who runs a small business. Their server was a closet without air conditioning for lack of a server room. They decided to turn up their furnace, and mostly melted their server. I have it up and limping along. However, the plan is to put in a new server/DC. As a smaller shop, they only run 1 server to do everything. They are currently running Server 2003 Small Business Edition. The guy who set everything up initially really hosed their DC, permissions, etc. Also, they use roaming profiles and want to get away from that. I intend to make a new domain from scratch on the new server. The issue becomes, can I then wipe the old server, reinstall 2003 Small Business, and make it a backup DC to a 2008 Standard edition server? I'm hoping so, but assuming not.
  8. I've been told that the SP3 pre-beta should slipstream just fine with nLite. I slipstreamed the service pack as the first step on a fresh copy of Windows XP SP2 (VLK/Corp) build. There were no errors during the slipstream, but the second it tried to remove components it said driver.cab was corrupt. I've used this source to make other nLite CD's with no problem, and it is fine. The only reason driver.cab could/should be corrupt is if nLite didn't slipstream SP3 correctly, or it doesn't recognize it as valid after the fact. Anyone else run into this?
  9. Can someone please answer this question? I've literally been sitting here for over two weeks waiting for an answer on what to do.
  10. Well, I don't think I can find my old last_session.ini because I formated and installed with my CD. I have usb drivers. I can install MOST usb devices, and I always select protect Printer Capabilities, but I can't install a USB printer. Does anyone know perhaps what file might be missing or ruined that I might be able to pull it off an original Windows cd and restore it? Will that even work? That is the question, and if not, then I have to make a new CD, format and go at it again, but I haven't had much like with nLite lately and I hope that isn't the case.
  11. I did select Printer Compatibility to protect Printer components. The weird thing about the cell photo data cable is that it is installing its own drivers as part of the install. I thought it was safe to remove the bundled drivers so long as you planned to install your own drivers afterwards. The headset may be my gaffe for removing USB Audio. There is no other driver for the hardware. The manufacturer expects you to use the built-in Windows driver. Can I just yank the Windows usb audio driver from the original source driver cab and reintegrate it? I'm at work I don't have my last_session.ini handy, but I'll put it up from home later.
  12. I recently made a new nLite CD. I haven't made one in almost two years. I started with RyanVM integrator to integrate the latest hotfixes, which mostly worked. I included his DirectX addon through the integrator as well, but for some reason it didn't update DirectX. Not a huge issue. Then I slipstreamed VTP 6 into the source. Next I used nLite to remove various components, including most of the drivers. Lastly I used the driver packs from driverpacks.net I went back and forth for a couple days. I couldn't figure out why, but some of my hardware components weren't installing properly during install, such as my chipset despite having the Nvidia chipset drivers integrated. The real problem is it almost every time failed to install my optical drives. I kept looking over removed components and couldn't figure out what was going on. At the very least, I had all the latest drivers from driverpacks.net, and still nothing. Finally, my last attempt worked, and I don't believe I did anything differently. All my hardware installed during the initial install just fine. I've been using the computer for two weeks sparingly as I've been busy with work. However I installed all my games, moved all my mp3s and video files over to the HDD, etc and now I've hit a snag. I'm really hoping I don't have to make a new install cd, format and start over again. I've having trouble installing some new hardware, all USB devices. My thumb drive popped right up. My Thrustmaster game pad popped right up. However I run the install program to install the drivers for my data cable for my cell phone, and it fails telling me the driver inf is missing information. The exact same driver installed fine under my previous Windows install, and I tested it at work on a Win2k box with no problems. My Logitech USB Headset also won't install. It doesn't have a separate driver, it just uses the built-in usb audio driver from Windows, which I may have removed. I'm hoping I can just pull this driver from the original cabs and reinstall. Next, my printer won't install. The driver fails to install simply saying it can't install the device. I tried manually pointing Windows to the inf file, and no dice. It says the driver from Epson (that I've used countless times) has no info for my hardware. In nLite I made sure to protect Printers as an option, and didn't remove support for Printers. Given these are driver issues, I'm wondering if I can pull driver files from the original cabs and install them. Any thoughts and/or suggestions?
  13. If you load driverpacks you technically don't really need the IDE drivers, but I think the installer will throw an error at you if they aren't there, so I keep the IDE drivers. As for the rest, I believe I've removed everything except Auditing Resource Tools.
  14. Are you talking about the OOBE stuff? I haven't seen those screens in years so I don't recall. I always completely remove the OOBE from the CD in the first place.

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