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  1. InstallPath="path_to_extract" Sets the extraction path. The extraction folder will not be deleted after the extraction. If the 'InstallPath' value is not present in the config file or the path was deleted from the interactive extraction dialog, the archive will be extracted to a temporary folder. This temporary folder will be deleted after the extraction and execution of all commands. Environment variables are allowed (with the exception of %%T and variables defined in 'SetEnvironment', if %%T is used in any of them). You MUST use DOUBLE backslashes in paths. For example: InstallPath="C:\\Windows\\system32\\test" or InstallPath="%PROGRAMFILES%\\test" Relative paths are allowed. The current folder is the one from which the program launching SFX archive was executed. For example, InstallPath="test" creates a folder with the name of "test" in the folder from which the program launching SFX archive was executed. All files will be extracted to the "test" folder. On the other hand, InstallPath="." extracts the archive content to the folder from which the program launching SFX archive was executed. Also, InstallPath="%%S" extracts the archive content to the folder where the SFX is located. If all you need is to extract the archive content to a certain folder, you need to specify a value for 'InstallPath' in the config file. In this case you should not specify 'RunProgram' or 'ExecuteFile' in the config file. 'AutoInstall' or 'AutoInstallX' may be specified in the config file, but should not be invoked via the command line or with the [sHIFT] key. If you specify 'RunProgram' or 'ExecuteFile' or invoke 'AutoInstall' and 'AutoInstallX', the specified executable will be launched after the extraction.
  2. I'm trying to learn VBS by converting a CMD file but................. How do you search for a file and SET the location as a variable in VBS? For instance CMD: FOR %%I IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%I:\WhateverFolder\WhateverFile.txt SET WhateverLoc=%%I:\WhateverFolder
  3. Thanks! But how do I go to a certain LABEL in this base64.cmd file from the registry?
  4. I'm trying to use a CMD to do things when I right click on a file but how to get the filename of the file that I click on? eg: - I put a utility name base64.exe in windows\system32 - I right click on a file name 01.base64 reside in any folder and choose "Base64 Decode" (which is done through registry entry below) HKLM, "%CLASS%\.Base64\shell\Base64Dec", , , "Base64 Decode" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.Base64\shell\Base64Dec\command", , , "base64.cmd" The base64.cmd contains the following code: @echo off :BaseDec Mode 80,12 & Color f1 ECHO Please input the desire new output filename including the extention. SET NewName= SET /P NewName=Please input the desire new output filename including the extention. base64 -d "%1" "%NewName%" EXIT :Base64En base64 -e "%1" "%1.Base62" EXIT As you all can see, the %1 does not work here. Please help!
  5. I'm trying to remove as many CMDs as possible for easy management. Thus it start with the 13min.cmd.13min.cmd ECHO FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\ExpertToolz.IMA SET CDROM=%%i: >> %SystemDrive%\Install\RunOnceEx.cmd
  6. Anybody know how to keep the "%%1 (Double precent)" when echoing from cmd to another cmd?
  7. ProToolz is just the one of the programs group folder name that I throw ALL modified general tools related applications. I do not like long and cluttered start menu, so I group them into Protoolz, Netz, LanguageToolz,............. You can edit the INF and name it whatever you want. I only use WinImage for Floppy image. CD/DVD image are associated with both UltraISO and DaemonTools. Again, you can edit the INF and associate it with any extensions you think appropriate. Everybody have different combination of softwares, thus an INF installer is the best suited here when come to flexibility and simplicity. Just another thing with regards that line%16395%\Programs is the same as %16386% <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hahaha, you're really as sharp as an Eagle. This is a very OLD INF which I made together with dozens others when I first successfully make a complete INF for full install and Uninstall. It won't be done without yor help.
  8. Sorry, that wasn't in my mind. I asked the wrong question. The question should be put in this manner: I have a batch file with multiple LABELs, how do I execute certain LABEL from outside of the batch file? eg. command prompt, registry...........
  9. WinImage v7.0.7000 Comment: Replace XXXX with your valid User Name and Key under "NameRegistered" and "CodeRegistered". This INF will do silent install, create shortcuts & add uninstall entry in Add & Remove Program. Some files are remove to reduce size. See [Core.Copy] for needed files. [Version] Signature ="$Windows NT$" [DefaultInstall] RequiredEngine = Setupapi AddReg = Inst.Reg, Uninst.Reg CopyFiles = Core.Copy, Inf.Copy UpdateInis = AddLink [DefaultUninstall] RequiredEngine = Setupapi AddReg = NoDir.Reg DelReg = Inst.Reg, Uninst.Reg DelFiles = Core.Copy, Inf.Del [DestinationDirs] Core.Copy = 16422,%DESCNAME% Inf.Copy = 17 Inf.Del = 17 [Core.Copy] filedisk.reg filedisk.sys wim16t95.dll wim32t95.dll winimage.exe winimaus.cnt winimaus.hlp [Inf.Copy] %FILENAME%.inf [Inf.Del] %FILENAME%.inf %FILENAME%.PNF [Inst.Reg] HKLM, "%CLASS%\.bwz", , ,"%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.dsk", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.ima", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.img", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.imz", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.vfd", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.wil", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\.wlz", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\WinImage", , 0x00002000, HKLM, "%CLASS%\WinImage", , , "%DESCNAME%" HKLM, "%CLASS%\WinImage\DefaultIcon", , , "%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe,0" HKLM, "%CLASS%\WinImage\shell\Extract\command", , , """%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe"" /e ""%1""" HKLM, "%CLASS%\WinImage\shell\open\command", , , """%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe"" ""%1""" HKLM, "%CTRL%", , 0x00002000, HKLM, "%CTRL%", ErrorControl ,0x00010001, 00000001 HKLM, "%CTRL%", Start ,0x00010001, 00000001 HKLM, "%CTRL%", Type ,0x00010001, 00000001 HKLM, "%CTRL%\Parameters", NumberOfDevices ,0x00010001, 00000008 HKLM, "%CURCTRL%", , 0x00002000, HKLM, "%CURCTRL%", ErrorControl ,0x00010001, 00000001 HKLM, "%CURCTRL%", Start ,0x00010001, 00000001 HKLM, "%CURCTRL%", Type ,0x00010001, 00000001 HKLM, "%CURCTRL%\Parameters", NumberOfDevices ,0x00010001, 00000008 HKCU, "%EXT%", IMA, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.IMA" HKCU, "%EXT%", IMG, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.IMG" HKCU, "%EXT%", IMZ, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.IMZ" HKCU, "%EXT%", DSK, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.DSK" HKCU, "%EXT%", WIL, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.WIL" HKCU, "%EXT%", WIZ, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.WIZ" HKCU, "%EXT%", BWZ, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.BWZ" HKCU, "%EXT%", VFD, ,"%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe ^.VFD" HKCU, "%REGPATH%", , 0x00002000, HKCU, "%REGPATH%", NameRegistered, , XXXXX HKCU, "%REGPATH%", CodeRegistered, , XXXXX HKCU, "%REGPATH%", DispSplashBegin, , FALSE HKCU, "%REGPATH%", DispSplashEnd, , FALSE HKCU, "%REGPATH%", ProMode, , TRUE HKCU, "%REGPATH%", WinImageUseRegistry, , TRUE HKCU, "%REGPATH%", WinImageVersion, , 7000 HKLM, "%SMWCV%\App Paths\winimage.exe", , 0x00002000, HKLM, "%SMWCV%\App Paths\winimage.exe", , , "%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe" HKLM, "%SMWCV%\App Paths\winimage.exe", Path, , "%16422%\%DESCNAME%" [AddLink] setup.ini, progman.groups,, ""group1="%16395%\Programs\ProToolz\""" setup.ini, group1,,"""%DESCNAME%"",""""""%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe""""""" setup.ini, progman.groups,, ""group2="%16410%\%QLAUNCH%\""" setup.ini, group2,,"""%DESCNAME%"",""""""%16422%\%DESCNAME%\winimage.exe""""""" [Uninst.Reg] HKLM, "%SMWCV%\Uninstall\%DESCNAME%", , 0x00002000, HKLM, "%SMWCV%\Uninstall\%DESCNAME%", DisplayName, , "WinImage v7.0.7000" HKLM, "%SMWCV%\Uninstall\%DESCNAME%", UninstallString, , "%REMOVCMD% %17%\%FILENAME%.inf" [NoDir.Reg] HKLM, "%SMWCV%\RunOnce", RemDir, , "%11%\cmd.exe /C RD /S /Q ""%16422%\%DESCNAME%""" HKLM, "%SMWCV%\RunOnce", RemLink1, , "%11%\cmd.exe /C DEL /F /Q ""%16395%\Programs\ProToolz\%DESCNAME%.lnk""" HKLM, "%SMWCV%\RunOnce", RemLink2, , "%11%\cmd.exe /C DEL /F /Q ""%16410%\%QLAUNCH%\%DESCNAME%.lnk""" [Strings] CLASS = "SOFTWARE\Classes" CTRL = "SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\FileDisk" CURCTRL = "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\FileDisk" DESCNAME = "WinImage" EXT = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Extensions" FILENAME = "MioWinImagev7.0.7000" QLAUNCH = "Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" REMOVCMD = "rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 132" REGPATH = "SOFTWARE\WinImage" SMWCV = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion"
  10. Can CALL execute a certain defined LABEL of a batch only instead of the whole batch file?
  11. @MDGx Is there a way to do the transplant without installing win98SE first? I mean replace those files on the source disc to get a win98SEME ISO.
  12. I have a question on profile backup with batch file. The following batch file can only be run if placed in the profile folder (PS- The filelist might not be the minimum compulsory list): @echo off IF NOT EXIST "%systemroot%\system32\7zA.exe" copy "%programfiles%\7-zip\7zA.exe" "%systemroot%\system32" ECHO bookmarks.html>> listfile.txt ECHO cert8.db>> listfile.txt ECHO cookies.txt>> listfile.txt ECHO defaults.ini>> listfile.txt ECHO formhistory.dat>> listfile.txt ECHO hostperm.1>> listfile.txt ECHO inforss.rdf>> listfile.txt ECHO inforss.xml>> listfile.txt ECHO key3.db>> listfile.txt ECHO localstore.rdf>> listfile.txt ECHO mimeTypes.rdf>> listfile.txt ECHO prefs.js>> listfile.txt ECHO search.rdf>> listfile.txt ECHO secmod.db>> listfile.txt ECHO signons.txt>> listfile.txt 7zA a -t7z MioProfile.7z @listfile.txt -mx9 DEL listfile.txt EXIT So what do I have to add in order for it to be able to run anywhere? To be precise, how to search for the profile directory and set it as variable automatically?
  13. @Astalavista Thank you for your reply. Packing it with an archiever is a good idea if the pupose is only to copy the files to a location but that's just an example of things that I'm trying to do. For instant, insert command lines to the RunOnceEX.cmd to do an installation of 23 Firefox extentions which is previously run from a seperate batch file.
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