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  1. Network file transfer slower with games

    I tested transferring a file without running a game and it used ~10-15% cpu. The game pauses when I alt+tab so I can't measure it while the game is running so I tried setting the games cpu priority to low and it worked. However this is not my ideal solution. I don't suppose anyone knows how to change the file sharing priority? It runs in the system process which can't be changed...
  2. Network file transfer slower with games

    Yeah those are things that I thought about. The load on my HDDs is not the issue because after the game has loaded it rarely reads from the HDD anymore. For example, when hosting a LAN game my PC naturally has to load first and then the client PCs load after words. My HDD activity light seems to agree as well. However the CPU load could be the culprit. Perhaps 7 has a higher priority for games then it does for file sharing. Does anyone know how to change that? I might try giving the game a low priority and see if that effects it but I would rather only have to change the file sharing priority...
  3. Network file transfer slower with games

    Since the RC version I have noticed that when a PC copies files from mine it goes slower while a game is running on mine then when I am at the desktop. I want other PCs to be able to load games from mine while I am playing and transfer files at full speed like I have been able to do using previous OSs. For example I can copy a disc image from my PC to another over GigE at about 120MB/s but while I am playing a game on my PC the same transfer only goes ~30MB/s. I have a C2D@3.8 and dual 640GB drives in software RAID0. Has anyone noticed this before or have a solution?
  4. Using Windows 7 WAIK instead of Vista SP1 WAIK

    I just downloaded the Windows 7 WAIK too thinking it would work better... Are we certain it can't be used? and why?
  5. 7zip,IZArc and file associations.. none?

    Hey guys, I'm using windows xp and the latest 7-zip. The batch file did not put any icons on any of my zip files so I modified the script to point to "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.dll" for the icons and it worked. Here is a copy of the modified script: SETLOCAL SET SC=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes SET Extn=001 7z arj bz2 cab chm cpio deb gz iso lzh nsis rar rpm tar z zip FOR %%j IN (%Extn%) DO ( REG ADD %SC%\.%%j /VE /D "7-Zip.%%j" /F REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%j /VE /D "7z Archive" /F REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%j\DefaultIcon /VE /D "\"%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7z.dll\"" /F REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.%%j\shell\open\command /VE /D "\"%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7zFM.exe\" \"%%1\"" /F ) REG ADD %SC%\7-Zip.001\DefaultIcon /VE /D "\"%PROGRAMFILES%\7-Zip\7z.dll"" /F ENDLOCAL
  6. Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended

    I just discovered that the prefs.js that I used for Firefox 1.5 is different somehow then the one in Firefox 2 and it was just recreating it when I ran it for the first time. So I made a new prefs.js with Firefox 2 and it worked. Also, where is the setting to remove the bookmarks toolbar located? Thanks!
  7. Guide: Mozilla Firefox Unattended

    Hey gys, I've been using this script for a long time now and everything has run perfectly until I decided to use it to install Firefox 2 RC3. It seemed to install Firefox, the extensions, and the themes ok but it didn't copy over the default profile with my settings. Can we get an update for this so it works with Firefox 2? Also, the link Alphaz is talking about is still down.
  8. GAIM Unattended

    Hey, I'm trying to install Gaim 2 beta 3 sliently on my disc with aspell spellchecking and everything installs but when i type a message theres no spell checking . How do I get this to work? Thanks!
  9. 7-Zip silent install

    Thanks edusnow but I just found out how to do a silent install from the 7-Zip web site. This is what i put incase anyone is wondering: ECHO. ECHO Installing 7-Zip 4.24 beta ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\7z424.exe /S /D="%programfiles%\7-Zip\"
  10. 7-Zip silent install

    Thanks for the reply but your link goes to the application installs search page. Were you intending for me to search for my answer instead? Cus I tried searching and had trouble finding anything.
  11. 7-Zip silent install

    Does anyone know how to silently install 7-Zip through the start.cmd? Thanks!
  12. Windows Update V5 software install

    Well, I put the v5 files into the I386 folder and it replaced some files and some wernt there. It defently did something cus i get the same error that I told you about on the first post Do I need the update for background intelligent transfer service which installes with v5 through the web?
  13. Windows Update V5 software install

    OOPS! I misunderstood. Thoes files are actully in I386 but I did'nt put them there (which is what i thought you ment). So, acording to this post in the thread you talked about... ..all i do is copy thoes files from the "WebSetup" folder to the I386 folder replacing the ones in there already and it will install with V5?
  14. Windows Update V5 software install

    NO THERE NOT. There in $OEM$\$1\install\WebSetup
  15. Windows Update V5 software install

    I put them in $OEM$\$1\install\WebSetup for start.cmd to run. I'll never switch to SP2, it allways gives stupid popup warnings when you run programs and it changed too many menus for no reason. So, instead of replacing whatever file has V4 i should just put... rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 %SYSTEMDRIVE%\install\WebSetup\wusetup.inf ...in the start.cmd?