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  1. I am using some of the tweaks and thanks for that. But I have one question. The tweak ;Right-click any drive to close the tray of the optical drive (Requires CDR.exe in system32) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell\draw] @="Close CD-&tray" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell\draw\command] @="cdr.exe close ALL" Speaks of putting cdr.exe into system32 does anybody know where I can find the cdr.exe that I must use?
  2. Okee, I have bought me an new pc with MCE and an upgrade to Vista home primium. My question is can I do an clean install with the upgrade dvd? I know that this was posible with the old Win98, when I installed the upgrade it asked for the Win95 cd to verify some files, and installed fine. I prefer an clean install, and allso that way I don't need to install twice first mce and after vista. TIA DaRKNeSS
  3. I didn't worked with my unatended install geting errors (somthing about line 6 sign 1) But when I am running the script after my setup is finished no problems. I it possible that I must run the script before I install zonealarm? I will try this anyway wish me luck. DaRKNeSS
  4. I have got it!!!! Indeed if I ran the script I was getting an error (line6 Nmb 140). I have counted the symbol numbers. And it was the sleep comand. Just one enter and it launced okee from whitin my RunOnceEx. I am working on some other Apps now if they are ready, I am going to burn (dvdrw) and going to test it for real. I learned a lot this way Thanks for your help. DaRKNeSS
  5. gunsmokingman Don't get me wrong I like that you are trying to help me. But I see you have edited the script for the german language, but I am from Holland Are there some major error's in the script I made?? 'Script to Auto Arrange Desktop Icons Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 'Minimize all open windows WshShell.Run """C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Bureaublad weergeven.scf""" WScript.Sleep 1000 'Refresh Desktop WshShell.sendkeys "{F5}" WScript.Sleep 500 'Auto Sort Icons WshShell.sendkeys "+{F10}" WshSh
  6. gunsmokingman I am using the RunOnceEx method to install all of my apps. DaRKNeSS
  7. Hi all I have found a script on the MS oem site that is sorting up your desktop automaticley. I already customised the script to my native language of MS xp pro. But now I am stuck. Where do I put this script? On the oem site they say But this is magic to me. Is there any body out there who is able to help me? Greats DaRKNeSS PS; I have included the txt file i have saved witch will explain how to make the script so you can make one your self, I know I have search a long time to get my recycle bin out of its right corner. and now I am realy close autosort_desktop_icons.txt
  8. Okee I am installing activesync silent and that is working fine. But now I still have one question, whit activesync 3.8 you could give your preferens whit silent.ini this isn't wortking any more. Does anybody know the solution for this? TIA D@RKNeSS
  9. Why not Try it my way? I am making an unatended install first. If I am content with it I make a Gost image of it. If I than run in any troubels I simply replace the gost image. D@RKNeSS
  10. I have voted once but that has to be twice each for one. D@RKNeSS
  11. I am using both methods. First I am making an Unatended install witch is exactly the way I want it to be. And if I have instaled it Iam making an backup with Gost. Also I have my unatended install files on a separate partition so when a program is updateted (is that english ) I am only have to implemeted into my unatended Install dir. D@RKNeSS
  12. @ Ben.Hahlen I dont have sleep.exe in system 32. can you point me were I can get it? @ Priapus I have tryed your sugestion buy that didn't work. Am I using the code corect? REG ADD %KEY%\99 /VE /D "Instalatie van Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8" /f REG ADD %KEY%\99 /V 1 /D "start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\PDA\setup.exe /s "silent.ini"" /f D@RKNeSS
  13. Didn't knew that going to download it ant tying it. D@RKNeSS
  14. Here also that same problem. I have made an scriot that is working good in windows. But when I am trying to run it from RunOnceExe, It isn't working. Can sombody help Us? D@RKNeSS
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