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Google Chrome 48/9 on Windows me

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Hi. Well, I am currently trying to run Google Chrome 48 on Windows me, Using a similar method as Firefox 45. I have not made any progress so far. In fact, from dependency walker I get the following error: 

Access violation - code c0000005

yIf anyone has any idea how to fix it I'd be grateful :)

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There is no workaround yet, but who knows what's in a year. I have hardly dealt with Chrome in the last weeks or months. And what about the cryptographic support TLS 1.2/1.3? Google chrome doesn't support it itself. There is a solution for XP (POSReady 2009 updates...), but I don't think there's a simple solution to transfer that to ME. TLS 1.2 is standard today and browsing is almost no longer possible without it. I believe we're not far away to run IE7 or 8. Of course, those IE browsers are very old and obsolete and don't support TLS 1.2, too.

I see valid hope for Mypal 68 in the near future.

Currently the best and most modern browser I have is Palemoon (31) on the mypal 29.3 "engine" (xul, omni.ja,...). The advantage I've is that this configuration is significantly more stable than Mypal. Errors in Xul usually do not occur.

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3 hours ago, mina7601 said:

Google Chrome never supported Windows 98/ME.

Chrome never supported 9x officially, but then again, It's not supported for Vista for almost 8 years, yet we run it.

With the pack "Windows ME unofficial service pack" it is very promising . But not with the version he wants, of course !

Unfortunately the link is dead for many years. Someone has it archived ?


Also, he would need KernelEx 4.5.2 and http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/360097.html

But like I said, only for older versions, I'd suggest to try them first.

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BWC's Chrometool isn't compatible with Win ME / KernelEx. :( I think KernelEx would have to be considerably rebuilt to get compatibility. But I'm happy to be taught better.

Download links for SP's:

IMO service packs will not really help to run Chrome.

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Oh yes, today I remembered loblo's method for Opera. Why shouldn't it work for Chrome to get TLS 1.2/1.3 support:

Using Burp Suite Community Edition as an HTTPS proxy for Opera running on Azul OpenJDK 8.

and following posts

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I haven't used Burp in quite a long while, I use 3proxy with SSL plugin instead (not latest version), it's faster but it doesn't have TLS 1.3 support and Cloudflare doesn't like it. I shouldn't be so lazy and make a post/ topic about it as it's a bit involved getting it set up.

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