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Hi People! :)

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Oh, well, still, the absurdity of buying the license then not being able to use the product anymore.

I just got reminded of @dencorso's EOS != EOL he used to have written on his profile if my memory is correct, so thought it's not entirely dead yet if some MS server still deals with XP's activation requests. Wrong semantics?

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Hello again, I haven't been on highly active on msfn and I wanted to say why. It's mainly my love for Windows is going down. I felt i have done everything i have wanted to do, i have tried all the Windows operating systems, modifed them, bloated them and reinstalled them, but i have simply ran out of things to do. Any suggestions on what i can do is appreicated but It's getting harder to like. Due to my poor pc specs, I can't really use linux or apple in a virtual machine, and no i am not trying linux as a host. Well that's all and if i find something that i can consider intresting i will post about it.

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Welcome back!

Easy to lose interest when just going around in circles, sometimes.

Surely (but, please, don't call me Shirley ...)) You've not done everything yet, everyday I learn something new and it perks me up, but can become tedious at times, I admit.

I enjoy live Linux sessions nowadays this way I don't screw up my current working XP and there is a zillion distributions to try out. 

I also have archaic computers and struggle to run anything good but I keep them going.

Hope you find something the perks up your interests.

Take care ;)

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