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ZDNET: The PC is back again. But for how long?


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In the last few years, PC sales have been in gradual decline for the obvious reason that, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, the one-size-fits-all approach offered by the PC didn't seem so relevant anymore - particularly for consumers.

That changed with the pandemic as many people rapidly realised that while tablets and smartphones are useful for watching video or sending a few messages, they are a lot less useful for long hours of working or learning.

Until we come up with something better, that old combination of screen and keyboard is just better for creative tasks than a screen alone. As a result, the PC has seen the biggest growth in a decade, with PC sales up 14% to 350 million this year.

I really don't know why did this topic pop back in surface, last time saw that any mentions "pc is dead" was back in 2013. Even after all these years pc never been dead. Reasons for dropping new prebuilt pc sales are multiple. Where I live most of people got used  laptop/desktop or older pc that works for their use. Most of of those who got new pc built it themselves from off shelf parts. So there is why pc is dead, using statistics that do not reflect real world.

Also reason for higher smartphone/tablet sales are because those devices generally less reliable. No user replaceable batteries, whole thing is glued together for "consumer benefit" resulting short lifespan. Second it many always want "teh latest and greatest" models when it comes out.

Atleast all people I know/that been working for have computer in their house, but most of time it is older unit that been working just fine and they have not seen reason to upgrade it other than changing drive and adding ram and only people I know that do not have computer are elder people who do not even have smartphone so why are everyone saying pc is dead? Are they trying to boost sales of locked down non programmable devices aka smartphones and tablets with it? (I know there are new tablets/smartphones that are not like it but I rarely see them)

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There are definetly smaller desktops missing in discounters, that sometimes offer computers. A small desktop, maybe even with passive cooling, would be more than enough what most people ever need.

I remember very well these discussions in my last school year in 2011, that desktops will be the dinosaurs soon, they are too large, too complicated to set up, too many cables, not beautiful enough, impractical basically.

Unfortuneatly some people have experienced the computer as frustrating, clicked on the wrong website once, next virus blows the system up. Too complicated, too many possible errors. A walled garden with these Appstores on the smartphones (on Linux too), that's more restrictive, "but at least I can't do anything wrong". That's what easy users prefer, so the desktop was on the decline on the mass-market.

I know some people, who just use their devices for communicating via Whatsapp and Mail (short messages), videos are played over the smart TV. No PC required anymore. Writing surely is not as precise as on a keyboard, but for short messages, people seem to suffer past it. And the large keyboard (looking disastoursly complex, over 100 keys, only one short step away from the stoneage typewrites) can't rest on my lap while I'm doing yoga poses in front of my TV!
And now the killer argument: I can't decide to turn on the computer! It feels like such a big task! Whereas the smartphone is always on. That's easier to check. Dammed, how lazy can people be, to be too lazy to turn on the computer!
And if mobile games are enough (or gaming consoles)... well then, the PC truely lost its purpouse in some homes. Let's say, it happens, even for younger people here. Not everyone wants to build things with technology or to learn deeper things, we always have to consider that.

The PC will be only dead, if an atomic bomb explodes and all electrics will be cut. Else, it's a device far too universal and useful to become extinct.

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Yes , desktops are 100% dead in my country . Some rare gamers still do exist , but soon will be vanished 'cause of the new leftist policies (high GPU prices , energy costs etc). Oh , and it seems there's a new war not far away .

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