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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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StartAllBack 3.6.5


- Bing AI taskbar search button where applicable

- Dark taskbar tooltips when only system is dark

- Dev: support for End Task developer mode jumplist item

- Dev: White-on-dark flashing fixes for new XAML details pane

- Restyled BreadCrumbBar

- Scaled focus rectangle for common controls

- Fixed black screen when using taskbar thumbnails on some systems

- Fixed acrylic menus showing blank once on some systems

Note: it's not pushed yet to automatic update. 3.6.4 may direct you to downloading update manually.

Edited by Tihiy
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On 5/19/2023 at 6:18 PM, Fullstack said:

@Tihiy make fixes please:


And also I will post later video with bugs on latest Windows 22H2 with latest StartAllBack 3.6.4

Do have sometimes equal behaivior . . . it comes and go in Deskctop session but after Restart its reset to Normal .

Im set System DPI to 100% in Windows UWP settings APP and its still stays Normal . . . do set System DPI to 100% with a regfile shows not work correct only make setting with Windows UWP settings APP works in Long Term ! ?

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If I set "EnableLUA"=dword:00000000, then drag-and-drop between tabs works when choosing the ribbon-view, but does not work when choosing the default explorer view.
Please, fix drag-and-drop for default explorer view when UAC is disabled (if possible).

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Sure you're not running some old Insider build? Because it seems it refuses to start instead of crashing.

1) Import this registry key http://startisback.com/Enable_Crash_Reports.reg

2) Create C:\dumps folder

3) Crash

4) Send me dmp file from C:\dumps folder

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