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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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Isn't there supposed to be a direct correlation between adjusting sounds in Settings and via the old (tray) UI? There definitely isn't in my case:


As an example, see 30% vs 9%. The same thing happens for any apps that sometimes appear there, too.

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I'm new here. Still on Windows 10 but plan on upgrading soon. Can I use StartAllBack while still on W10 or should I install and use StartIsBack until I upgrade to W11? If I do that, I understand that buying the StartIsBack licence now will let me upgrade to StartAllBack?

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On 10/28/2021 at 8:14 PM, Tihiy said:

What you mean by 'still'? Never heard about it. Please capture crash or hang dump

You cannot see in capture but my mouse cursor is going round and round and Start button disappears this is by clicking on Start menu or right clicking anywhere on the Taskbar.



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The status bar at the bottom of Windows 11's Explorer screen is way too wide even on the Small setting!! It takes up far too much of available orkspace particularly if you're using the Windows 10 style ribbon bar at the top!!

Please fix.


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Hello all.

Been playing around with this in Win11 and am really impressed. It is the best all round solution for proper taskbar and I really love the transparent context menu. But I have never been a fan of any of the Microsoft Start Menu styles and would really love some way to get a look like the SINGLE PANE ClassicShell (actually OpenShell). 

The first pic attachement is how SIB looks, and I know I can customize it to a degree but it still leaves me with a dual pane menu, and an extra step to get to all my Programs.

Is there a way to get a new style that looks like Classic/OpenShell as in pic2? Note the SINGLE PANE which then leads me to (instant opening without even a delay) subfolders, so all I have to do is click to get menu, and then 'drive my way' to my chosen app and run it. Small, clean and functional.

It would be FANTASTIC if I could get THIS look but still get the SIB benefit of decent taskbar, and the lovely transparent full context menus.

Is this possible in some way? I would pay extra if someone could make a style that perhaps I could use to replace one of the useless ones (Win7 or Win8) and then SIB would be none the wiser?


Really hope this is possible?
HUGE thanks to the Dev and to anyone who can help.

Stay safe everyone.



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Are you using the other program the previous poster mentioned?

Are you on the Dev build?

Does the crash report in Event Viewer suggest a module that Explorer is crashing in to perhaps provide a clue?

Without that other program and on the RTM build, I'm not seeing crashes.

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