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360 Extreme Explorer ArcticFoxie Versions

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good that you report changes to the exe and / or chrome files !
tested against html5test , for me still THE site to test 360chrome stability. (with default profile and ini)
with that page i can crash all 360 versions except your v11.

only difference is in properties / description of the 360chrome.exe. (no more squares shown)
seems stable.
no more news on 13.5-a4 from me is good news ...

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Dropbox has always been a bit of a nuisance for me.
Have not tested in my v11 but my v12's and my v13's have always had random crashes when using Dropbox - maybe only 10% of the time or so but a crash is a nuisance no matter what the percentage.

Good news is that Dropbox has not had any crashes yet on v13.5  --  knock on wood.

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sneaky :)
i do appreciate the heads up when changes are made to those files.

finally found what prevented me from seeing the spinning dots when loading html5test.
it is my custom style sheet to reduce maximum font size to 14px.
am now running with you default ini.
deleted --disable-webgl and added DirRemove=%Profile%\GrShaderCache
tested with my profile and all good.

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as chrome by default does not offer to store passwords for sites with a red padlock i now use this.
freeware , portable offline password manager that runs on xp sp3.
chose version keepass v1.39 portable.
newer version seem to offer browser integration and also require dotnet.
both things i don't want or need.
importing passwords from new moon 28 did not work for me. (added them manually)
has a search function with options to copy user and password and can open sites from the program.
with 360chrome now set as default that combo works just perfect for me.
maybe useful for some ...

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saw no obvious changes in alpha 5.
however , discovered a bug that started with alpha 3 (also present in a4 and a5)
not present in original ru version and a1 and a2.
settings / advanced / nocoin.
changing that option on / off displays a chinese popup that you need to click on the right button to confirm. (ru , a1 , a2)
version a3 and up do not display that popup anymore.
changing that nocoin setting (on / off) locks the browser.
only way to close is in the task manager.
tested with first run default profile and ini.

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