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Roll Call 2021

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Windows 98IF on bare metall Core i7 3770.
Use for hobby, and for game Worms 2, which run very SLLOOOWWWW on Winodws 10...
Hello all, i alive, and happy, that now can log into this forum w/o VPN... :rolleyes:

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I use Windows 98 FE for day-to-day operation, music, cinema, internet and games. This is the basic (and the most basic) system. Here's a message like this from outside (using GoogleChrome software, shipped from Virtual PC 5.0):




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Windows 98SE here on a triple boot machine with XP and 10!
Keeping the retro stuff I've had installed since the 1990s alive.
And well, just because!

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Well, this kinda got me motivated to fix my ancient laptop, which (due to defective power supply) has spent the last couple years just collecting dust on my table and serving as some kind of elevated platform for my mobile devices and a pile of various parts...

It just occured to me that the power suppy (also external) for my monitor gives out the same voltage, so after patching an additional cable, now my trusty Dell Latitude x200 is back in action :D Gonna need some heavy cleaning though, as half of the keyboard keys won't work unless i hit them very hard...

Specs: Pentium 3 @ 800MHz, 640MB RAM, i830 graphics, 160GB IDE HDD, also a floppy drive and a CD-RW in the dock. Dualbooting Win98SE and XP SP3.


Not going to count the Win98SE on my main PC (XP SP3, Win7, Debian, Win98SE from most to least used), since the lack of proper video driver is killing my desire to boot it...

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win95 on HP Vectra p2 400MHz.

98fe on {PIII 600MHz, Abit BH6, 768MB ram, Quadro FX 2000, SB Live}, {Intel C2Duo E7600 ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA, 2GB Ram,7900GTX, SB Live}

98se on {Intel C2Duo E7600 ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2, 2GB Ram,7900GTX, SB Audigy2 ZS}.

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I haven't been here in a while now... I use 98SE and ME but no longer on my main use machine, which runs XP primarly instead. It has been very difficult to do every day things involving internet on 9x machines. I have stopped looking at any developments on KernelEx and related front also...

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Win98SE (MSI PT-880 with P4-family Celeron, 1GB RAM) as main for graphics, coding and pretty much everything else. Dual-boot Win2000 for chkdsk. WinXP (over RDP; hardware about the same as Win98) for web-browsing and other things that cannot be forced to run on Win98 easily.

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