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  1. Windows Me and 3.11 to 1.01 for experimentation and fun. Windows Me is my favorite version of windows.
  2. I am going to test http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Core/P35/C2SBE.cfm
  3. ah~ I love this thread i am in need of a new mobo that works with win me, FreeDOS + Soundblaster live!, at least 4 pci slots, ps/2 ports, pata (2 is better than 1), and a floppy controller. The floppy controller is like most required. any mother boards fit this? I am ok with getting a used but working one ^^ <3
  4. I am reporting a bug on the skinning feature of the more recent revolution pack 9 on Windows me. my image shows the bug in action..... p.s. Revolution pack 9.7 and KernelEx 4.5.2 are amazing! keep it up! ^^ Tihiy!
  5. BogdanV! you can use my server to host the files for free http://4ch.lolcano.me:88/uploads/@/ I love this idea you came up with!
  6. I am trying to set up an email server and i cannot find any free good email server programs can anyone please help me find some?
  7. http://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/ SAI or PaintTool SAI (ペイントツールSAI?) is a painting program for Microsoft Windows developed by SYSTEMAX.
  8. 1. Windows Millennium Edition 2. 4.0.100 3. sai.exe 1.1.0 4. Never will run 5. run the program in any mode 6. no no "NT API LINK ERROR" in 2000 compatibility mode and "The application overflowed its temporary memory area. Module Name: SAI.EXE Application Name: Sai.exe" with KernelEX disabled HELP!
  9. MSGsrv32 cause an error in unknown and Windows Me crashed I was away so i did not see it happen This is the most graphical glitched up error i saw and the whole system was frozen I went back to the stable revolution pack 9 software keep up the good work! Ill test it when the next release comes
  10. about that thumbnail thingy Is it better than Windows Me's thumbnailer? because Windows Me's thumbnailer is pretty bad ><
  11. trillian is one of those programs that create graphical glitches.... it uses up a bit amount of resources I noticed the font in flash is fixed Keep up the good work Tihiy! the fonts of non latin bases languages in niconico douga player appears as boxes.... Is there away to fix this? edit: i found the font charaters are messed up are messed up again =_= in gikopoi http://l4cs.jpn.org/gikopoi/
  12. You haven't mentioned any specific program. Perhaps you could be starting by saying which programs you have issues with. MikuMikuDance.exe is a great example It is very slow play back another Example is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, The game engine runs on windows Me and the sound dose not lag. The video is very laggy, SO laggy infact the other cars lagg I see that the lag is frame skipping. another Example is GIMP 2.6.6 Yes, I have KernelEx but the program is extremely slow. Too slow for me to use....
  13. I noticed that if the program has a sound output the sound never laggs.... but the video output is the lagging component ex. youtube and niconico douga videos can lag, but their sound never dose. My video card is modern compared to the rest of my system
  14. The programs i am mentioning do not crash Windows Me. the other programs running respond just fine. ex. explorer.exe
  15. some programs tend to be slow in porformance on windows me Thease programs are the ones tested on NT based systems but not very well on Windows 9× based systems therefore they are slow Is there any way to improve this situation? The programs run on Windows Me just poorly because they use alot of CPU usage some can get so bad that the program stops responding even if you did nothing
  16. the program process explorer from system internals tends to use up the rescources each time you minimize and maximize and some times, it uses up the resources completely.... alpha 1 did not help although Opera runs much better! keep up the good work!
  17. This is the closest thing to THE perfect OS they can get
  18. How did you get such result? My 98 is bigger (with latest unofficial updates, DirectX, RP9 and drivers), and it is impossible to work on 98 without this stuff. that is a fresh installation
  19. Xeno86 & Tihiy Thank you for Making Windows 4.×× [non NT] awesome again! Seriously you guys extended the lifetime and usability of my 1st OS, Windows Me. VLC 1.0 works on Windows Me and this is too good to be true! These newer programs run more efficiently than their older 9×/Me compatible versions ex. Firefox Windows Me's technology dates back to Interface Manager (before 1983, Windows 1.0) basically 1981 and the early 1980s, and it can run the newest and oldest programs for the IBM PC compatible computers. Years that Windows 4.×× can span 1981 [1st DOS] - 2009 XP cannot do that [DOS GAMES] This is truly the best thing that ever happened to Windows 4.×× family!!!! also how did you get inkscape to work?
  20. hmmm I edited ktm8.DLL because it had the bitmap that said windows 98 and it should said windows me I am letting you guys know that RP9 needs to be flexible for windows me users too I do love RP9

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