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  1. Is there any workaround to still get working sound in Firefox 52.9 browser along with VxD sound card driver in Windows 9x/ME?
  2. Would you care to provide more information regarding this? Namely: - WDM driver version for CMI8738 - VMware Player Version - Version of installed add-ons (Guest OS Tools) for VMware Player - Windows 98 SE Version (Are any non-official updates taken from WinME installed)
  3. Greetings. I have a very similar problem. There is sound in Windows ME with the WDM driver, but if you install the VXD driver, the sound disappears. And in Windows 98 there is no sound at all, both with the VxD and with the WDM driver. At the same time, there is sound in the system itself in all cases. Sound is also available in older versions of Firefox (<14 and some early nightly alpha builds of 14). Starting from version 15, the sound is no longer available in all that I managed to try at the moment. I don’t know what to do with this problem, so far I see the option of installing a separate sound card with WDM drivers, especially for browsers, or looking for some purely software sound card emulator based on WDM drivers. And the fact that you have CMI8738 sound under Windows 98 SE, with installed WDM drivers is a very good sign (In terms of WinME is not required in this case). Because I have sound on SoundBlaster16 only in WinME and only with WDM drivers. This may mean that the WDM driver for CMI8738 has some key files that give sound to Windows 98 SE (not only in WinME, as in my case).
  4. In Firefox Portable 8.0.1, Flash Player works exactly until we set the compatibility mode with Windows XP SP2 on the file XUL.DLL what is required in newer Firefox (including 52.9). The symptoms are the same. However, in Firefox Portable 8.0.1 we can use NT4 compatibility mode for XUL.DLL and in this case, there are no problems with FlashPlayer. I don't know how to do the same in Firefox 52.9 yet.
  5. I managed to find out using VM's that there is indeed sound in the FirefoxPortableLegacy52_52.9.0 running in the original Windows ME environment. However, as it turned out later, under the same conditions, neither in the original nor in the updated unofficial SP3 "https://www.htasoft.com/u98sesp/" Windows 98 SE, there is no sound, as in the original clean Windows 98 FE (My main system). These are the kind of pies. Do you have the same thing?
  6. FirefoxPortableLegacy 52.9.0 works for everyone with sound? For example, if you open any YouTube video.
  7. Here are some of the original Driver CDs for the D875PBZ. https://archive.org/search.php?query=D875PBZ This model uses the Intel CSA bus for the network card. Perhaps, for correct operation, you need the original driver for this board, supplied on the official Driver CD. Previously, you could download updated driver versions for this model on the Intel website. At a minimum, their names can be found via web.archive.org from around 2003-2005.
  8. Is your problem reproducible with another compatible processor (With less than 8MB internal cache)?
  9. Hi. There was such a good project called UNICOWS WRAPPERS, now its support and further development, unfortunately, has been discontinued (for known reasons) and is unlikely to be expected in the foreseeable future. Is there a list of programs that help launch these WRAPPERS, in various combinations with KernelEx and other solutions? (Similar to the "KernelEx Apps Compatibility List").
  10. Greetings! I use Windows 98 FE for day-to-day operation, music, cinema, internet and games. This is the basic (and the most basic) system. Here's a message like this from outside (using GoogleChrome software, shipped from Virtual PC 5.0):
  11. Hello. There is a need to run Steam on Windows 98. There is an old working version of Steam compatible with Windows XP (Auto update is turned off). What needs to be done to make Steam work?

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