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What Happened to Liberty and Justice for All? (New York)

..."last night, I joined others in saying the pledge at an event. I choked up at one point. Why? It was these words: “liberty and justice for all.”

Every word of that matters. Presumably liberty means that you can go places, do things, say stuff, associate as you want, worship as you choose, work, open a business,  live your dreams, unimpeded by arbitrary authority – all of which has been massively compromised during the pandemic due to egregious government policies backed by mass panic. 

We had to give up our liberty to fight a virus, they said. And yet here we are, surrounded by ill-health, broken lives, shattered childhoods, wrecked communities, and the virus just keeps on keeping on." ...

... "As for crime, it is out of control. There’s so much of it, it is not even reported. A bar owner on the Upper East Side told me that he witnessed a thief grab a woman’s purse in front of his place. She wouldn’t let go. He dragged her down the street screaming and then turned the corner. She finally let go, scraped up and bleeding. People stood by in shock and then went on with their lives, because such scenes are completely normal. 

What are the cops doing? They are busy enforcing vaccine mandates. No one can go anywhere inside in this city without flashing proof of vaccination. The cops themselves will fine any business $5,000 for letting even one person in without a card, real or fake. 

Sometimes the cops even circle the restaurants and demand them of customers! Enjoy your dining experience, everyone! 

During the pandemic, and the closures, many restaurants set up outside dining, basically building another version of indoors outdoors. It was very expensive to do and the results were sometimes ridiculous. But the saving grace here is that the city didn’t charge the restaurants for the extra space, given the emergency. 

That didn’t last long. Now the city is going shop to shop and assessing fees on outdoor dining areas. These can be $50,000 to $100,000 — even more than it cost to put them up. This is happening at a time when many of these establishments are barely surviving. Their customer base has collapsed, labor is expensive, and food and drink are ever more difficult to come by. 

The whole place has a feel of demoralization. Many people who refuse the vaccination and refuse the fakes just sit at home and order food in. They cannot go to movies, shows, bars, or restaurants. Yes, there are plenty of speakeasies, but they take enormous risks. Nothing seems quite real."

Here: https://brownstone.org/articles/what-happened-to-liberty-and-justice-for-all/ 

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13 hours ago, XPerceniol said:

~Let my soul shine through my heart and my heart shine through my eyes - let the tears wipe away any pain to make room for light~ -XPerceniol

You have to write the poems maybe? In any case have your thoughts written, maybe a short story, a book?

- I'm serious, of course.

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Maybe you don't know... BUT I take daily, prophylactically, an effervescent tablet (orange) of "BEROCCA Energie"!
In it there are 13 vitamins (12 B series and C), 3 minerals, calcium, magnesium, zinc. I like it very much because of its good orange taste. So I feel particularly strong, indeed.:cheerleader:

BEROCCA Energie - Orange flavor, 15 sugar-free effervescent tablets from Bayer

1 cpm. per day, in the morning, to feel stronger during the day! (very strong!)
Some days ago I used to take it at noon, and I was so rested, that I went to bed around 1:30 late in the evening, still being very awake!

So always take it in the morning..in a glass of water.

Website: https://www.beroccagamme.fr/produits/beroccaenergie


- And you, what do you take, prophylactically?

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18 hours ago, msfntor said:

What Happened to Liberty and Justice for All?

So I've been reading a lot about how many cancers THRIVE in low oxygen environments.

These masks are changing how we breathe. It's time to hold these people accountable. 

Their sick fetish is causing real illness. The armed govt agents calling themselves "police" are NOT on the side of the people. Not even close. The only reason you think they are is because of non-stop brainwashing. Open you mind people. See what is right in front of you.

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Kisses to everyone from Laura!
She sends you (thanks to Draft @ShareZone5) -
-  this shocking photo of a tumor, which reappeared after the guy was injected with 3 Pfizer jabs... his surgeon is in complete shock, he removed the tumor surgically before the guy was injected, poor uninformed guy!

Here is this recent picture of NEW tumor made AFTER the anti "covid" 3 Pfizer jabshttps://nitter.net/ShareZone5/status/1471606024209580040#m

Laura Fonseca retweeted this on Dec 16: 

10:19 PM · Dec 16, 2021

 131 477 51 Likes: 881

" Draft @ShareZone5

Dec 16

so theres the muthafcuker tumour that was removed in a 6 hour operation. it was totally gone on MRI scans, GONE, after 3 Pfizer jabs it is BACK, even the surgeon is in complete shock how it can come when a) he removed it b) follow up scans showed it was gone. "


Link to Laura Fonseca @LauraFo63430334 twitter account: https://twitter.com/LauraFo63430334 - and by nitter: https://nitter.net/LauraFo63430334


Really shocking, this sad news!


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When they double down on vaccine mandates, we should double down on declining to comply. Hold the line.

We are not a threat to the vaccinated. We are a threat to their agenda. I'll need someone to explain to me how I’m a threat to people who are supposedly protected.

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St-Michael slaying the dragon

This beautiful silver statue of St. Michael slaying the dragon is one of the gems contained in the small parish church of Mount Saint-Michel.


Mont Saint-Michel -église paroissiale - Normandie/Normandy

HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chemose/23773177151/

Saint-Michel terrassant le dragon



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Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News


Carlos Marín dies from Covid aged 53 in Manchester hospital after being put into a coma. The herald sun has reported he was vaccinated. Other international sources have also reported he was vaccinated.



Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News


Twitter account: https://twitter.com/unhealthytruth

NITTER..: https://nitter.net/unhealthytruth

... and here you have THE website of Erin Elizabethhttps://withkoji.com/@HealthNutNews

...and this one: https://www.healthnutnews.com/

Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site, not even six years old cracked the top natural health sites within the first year of its inception. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage....

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On 12/19/2021 at 7:57 PM, UCyborg said:

Am I reading this right? This is basically another thing against those that don't trust vaccines against this virus.

Here they're supposedly already talking about what they'll do with us. We're probably more careful than those got a shot and think they're immune and non-contagious.

Not only for the unvaccinated, but anyone who they deem “a danger” , see § 2120-A. 



We're in some serious trouble , I'm telling you . Coming soon to the theatres near you ... If you have some money , get outta your communist country or even outta Europe . Heard Albania is somewhat quiet for now , but it may change any second ! I've got a friend who lived in Vietnam for almost 2 years, trying to escape this nonsense , what a fool !

He's from Hungary. Austrian father and Hungarian mother, it's a real hell out there , so he had to flee Vietnam and got back to Hungary... but there's masked hell out there too ... so he went to Albania , yes (who would've thought) ?!?. Spent quite a lot of money . I'm sure you understand how Vietnamese police works. I can't say for certain which country is safe now.

It's starting to get on my nerves even here ! Some say Latin America is OK , I don't agree. 

I'd definitely say : avoid UK , AU , NZ , CA , US at all costs ! I won't write about obvious no-go countries such as Chino-Russia.

Train your survival skills , buy gold , land and lots of ammo, lots (probably need to choose a country where guns are allowed) . I don't see any good finale .

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3 hours ago, msfntor said:

The statue of Saint-Michel - Sables d'Olonne:



Very sad news:

justice orders that the statue of Saint-Michel be unbolted, despite the mayor’s refusal: https://news.in-24.com/news/402133.html

Could we buy it and move to Holland ? Our Vreemdelingendienst (alien's police) will protect it for now.


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