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Windows Skinner for Windows 9x?


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Today, I am in search of making Windows 9x more modern looking. I have currently tried to look up the old trial versions of StarDock WindowsBlinds for Windows 98/ME, but even the WindowsBlinds Classic version does not work with Windows ME, but requires 2000 or later.

Are there any good alternatives to Revolutions Pack 9.7? I love Revolutions Pack, but using it with KernelEx causes problems with explorer.

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26 minutes ago, MrMateczko said:

Judging by this site, the latest official version of WindowBlinds for 9x is WindowBlinds Classic (v4.6):


I tried to download the classic version through the web archive, but it gives me a message on Windows ME that 9x is not supported.

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I have no conflicts between the two but I only use a fairly old KernelEx because newer ones broke too much stuff in my system.

Also I'm not using RP for skinning Windows but only for having ClearType and the LDT resources counter it adds to the Ctrl-Alt-Del dialog .


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