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Firefox 24 - 52 for ME and 98


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19 hours ago, diamant said:

But there is an issue: It runs in the background after closing the program.

19 hours ago, diamant said:

It crashes always when closing the program.

Tools>Options>General>uncheck Thunderbird Start Page - Maybe not perfect, but should avoid these errors.

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22 hours ago, diamant said:

The files from Firefox10-new-nss.7z don't work with Thunderbird

Try the files from Retrozilla (Browser or Suite). Also, the emailer in the suite should be nearly identical to Thunderbird.


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It was indeed necessary to set the option security.tls.version.max in TB24 from 1 to 3.

Tools>Options>General>uncheck Thunderbird Start Page didn't avoid the errors "runs in the background after closing" respectively "crashing after/during closing." I suppose that something other was needed to avoid the errors.

But I'll test TB 9.0.1 or even try to use TB with your tips (files from Retrozilla or WinSSLwrap) for now.

I'll report my experiences / test results soon.
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I had written that the files freebl.dll, nss3.dll, nssckbi.dll, nssdbm3.dll, nssutil3.dll, smime3.dll, softokn3.dll and ssl3.dll from Firefox10-new-nss didn't work with Thunderbird
But I've found a promising workaround: I downloaded the archive ns9-nss-update.7z from Roytam's stuff. It contains the files mentioned above (slightly other versions) and some files more, here the complete file list:
The last 6 files are not in Firefox10-new-nss. I assume the ns9-nss-update files are for Netscape Navigator 9(?).

I replaced those 14 files from TB folder with the newer ones from ns9-nss-update, and surprise:
It seems to work without error message?! I don't know whether all 14 files are/were necessary.
Then I sent an test email from my email-adress to my email-adress; it seems that it really was received with TLS 1.2?!
In source code of the email there is the line:
"... Received ... with (TLSv1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 encrypted)"

That could mean that I even have the choice between at least TB versions ( or 9.0.1) to use an "old" email programm with TLS 1.2 support.

(And Roytam seems to be an expert in solving TLS/SSL regarded issues...)
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