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Hello everybody,

AFMN stands for "Always forget my name".

I'm a happy married male of 46 years old.
I'm not new in this digital world, because I've good experience and knowledge of miscellaneous operating systems.

I started in the beginning of the 90's my own company in office automation and telephony.
End of 2010, I went sick for a longtime, and I must sell my my company.
Three and a half year later, I decide to do something else. I desire to do a job, outside a building,
I work now on the road, and I drive from country to country, in heavy transport.

Computers is now not my first priority, but when I can help someone, and I learn all the time in this business.
When I overnight, I take some time to do something with my laptop......

I can slipstream windows and remove/disable unnecessary or useless components, without any interruption.
I bought NTLite, which is very helpful to customize a windows distribution, and what NTlite not can handle, then I use the command line for removing components by hand with Dism.
Sometimes, I help clients to make a custom installations of Windows...

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8 hours ago, AFMN said:

AFMN stands for "Always forget my name".

I'm a happy married male of 46 years old.

Then your nick is just short for AFMNJAMWSK. (Always Forget My Name, Just Ask My Wife She Knows) ;).

Welcome aboard :).


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