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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys! I’m Michael from Atlanta. I came across this forum while searching for web development. Like many other geeks, I hope I can share as I learn and add some value to the forum. Thanks so much for having me.
  2. Hey Everyone! My name is Liam, or the Nerdulater. I have been using 3.1 to XP for more then 5 years. Overtime, my curiosity for Windows and the internet have grown and i used VMware and Virtualbox for 50% of my PC time. (The other 50% is youtube :)) DOSBox addict that installs that and 95 stuff on all the operating systems imagineable. I may only have a celeron, but atleast i have a computer, Mobile people I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) so if i'm awkward you'll know why. But i don't mention that 99% of the time. Without ASD, i might not be here right now! ASD is not always bad. Anyways forget that, you can ask me anything on this post. But not personal on my tutorial posts. Also, i make lots of tutorials on how to do this,that and also, don't call me a guest, please. Anyways thats all for now, bye!
  3. Hi all, I just got here (well actually I've been lurking and learning from many of your posts here for a couple weeks), and I see there is an announcement about the MSFN closing in a month. That would be tragic. I gather that was a while ago, and as of now MSFN is apparently still alive. So that is good. Hope it stays that way. I am happy to have found a good community full of skilled people with lots of valuable knowledge and insight. I recently built a new PC, and while I have been sticking with win 7 on my other systems, I have some peripherals for the new build which are not fully compatible with anything below win 8. So I decided to try Win 10, hoping that the hackers had worked out solid methods of forcing it to behave by now. In trying to wrestle this monstrosity from MS into submission I found myself here, digging through some informative posts and finding bits and pieces of the puzzle. NoelC's post about scheduled tasks provided a very useful baseline for trimming these tasks, and I appreciated that it wasn't overzealous about disabling everything like many of the other resources I have found on other forums. Many other sources recommend disabling things that will break stuff. Might not be immediately obvious depending on your use case, or the breakage may not be catastrophic, but NoelC's list was a more conservative and better informed baseline than I had found elsewhere. This post showing up in a google search was the reason I found MSFN in the first place. Thank you NoelC! For anyone else trying to nail down Win 10's scheduled tasks, that post provides a good starting point. I'm sure many people here already know these tricks but for those who don't, you also might look up NirSoft's TaskSchedulerView which provides a much better interface (NirSoft offers a brilliant assortment of very powerful and completely free tools worth checking out). TaskSchedulerView doesn't force you to dig through the task scheduler directory hierarchy, provides search feature, and allows enabling and disabling multiple selections at once. It made it much easier for me to get a complete overview of scheduled tasks, and keep a concise record of changes I made. Also, if you use sysinternals' PsExec to launch TaskSchedulerView as "system" then it is possible to disable those stubborn tasks which can not be directly disabled with admin rights through normal means. For PsExec search for sysinternals' PSTools, then to launch an exe with system rights use -s and if the exe has a graphical interface use -i so for example. psexec64 -s -i "path\to\TaskSchedulerView.exe" Yeah, I know you all probably all knew all of that. I used to dig around tweaking XP, or 98. Been using win 7 for years now and it never required a great deal of tweaking. I am kind of a reluctant power user. I will get my hands dirty if I have to, but I would rather be working in photoshop or doing some solid modeling. I would rather stay almost completely on the creative side, rather than the technical side. The way computers have evolved though, catering ever increasingly to the lowest common denominator, I inevitably find myself having to work around technical issues, and I am just the kind of person that never gives up and always finds a way. Seems like Microsoft is determined to put a stop to people like me. People who insist on making our computers work the way we want them to, in order to best accommodate our own specific workflows. They are trying to lock everything down and take away our ability to configure our systems however we see fit. Since installing Win 10 I have been forced to do more tweaking than I have had to do in many years, so much of it is new to me. MSFN has been an invaluable resource. Sorry, this was just going to be an introduction post, but I'm afraid I have a tendency to go off on tangents, and I often get carried away with excessive detail. I'll stop now. Anyway, glad to meet all of you. Happy to become a part of the community. Hope we can keep MSFN alive for much longer than just one more month.
  4. Hello everybody, AFMN stands for "Always forget my name". I'm a happy married male of 46 years old. I'm not new in this digital world, because I've good experience and knowledge of miscellaneous operating systems. I started in the beginning of the 90's my own company in office automation and telephony. End of 2010, I went sick for a longtime, and I must sell my my company. Three and a half year later, I decide to do something else. I desire to do a job, outside a building, I work now on the road, and I drive from country to country, in heavy transport. Computers is now not my first priority, but when I can help someone, and I learn all the time in this business. When I overnight, I take some time to do something with my laptop...... I can slipstream windows and remove/disable unnecessary or useless components, without any interruption. I bought NTLite, which is very helpful to customize a windows distribution, and what NTlite not can handle, then I use the command line for removing components by hand with Dism. Sometimes, I help clients to make a custom installations of Windows...
  5. Hi! I just joined this group & am excited about it. I am a 49 y/o woman who likes to listen to all types of music, read psychological mysteries, play my electric guitars, & tinker with my electronic gadgets. I have lately considered myself a computer geek. I love working on my computer or iPad & learning to do new things. So, you can see my motivation for joining this group, to learn more. Thank you! baringel1
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