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New XPlode coming....


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The code is quite heavily dependent on the MS Win32 ATL/WTL libraries, which, as far as I know, can only be compiled with Visual C++.

I'll see how things go within the next week. I doubt I'll have much time to check back here all that often.

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For 1.1.0m I'm going with a "unable to write docs, so look at the example XML" approach.

I might write some short .txt's for the docs, but it won't be anything elaborate.

I have practically no time to continue work with XPlode, at least for about 8 weeks.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have some free time, I will try and set up a sourceforge project for it. Will probably be a fair amount of work, considering the amount of comments I'll have to add.

And you will all get to see how crappy my code is. :)

There are a few things I'll have to write so I can remove the code I'm NOT allowed to share, hopefully they don't take too long either.

Fingers crossed all goes well.

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