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  1. Windows Live Messenger

    What version number of Windows Live Messenger are you seeing this with, and were you using the display audio file playing feature when It happened? Edit: I just got hit by it as well.
  2. X-Fire

    Has anyone here gotten xFire to work while using Yahoo Messenger? I can't get it to work here.
  3. YahooMail gone wild

    Don't you get targeted ads in Gmail? And if you have Ad-blocking software like Norton Internet Security or something installed the ads don't show anyway.
  4. 811493 - Is it needed?

    GM, MBSA can be flaky if files installed are newer than it expects to find.
  5. XP SP2 tested?

    I would have to agree with GM on the updates. Since SP2 is only a Release Candidate and not the final one, they probably won't let anyone get them any other way until the Final is released.
  6. XPlode 1.1.2

    killerbee, I think it can be edited in any text editor that supports unicode... Wraith, feel free to tell if I got it wrong.
  7. help with winnt.sif

    I'm having a slight problem as well. When I use a winnt.sif file, the installation ends up with IE not associated with http url's and the Windows Update shortcut on the Classic Start Menu fails to open the Windows Update Website. I can post an edited version of my winnt.sif if it would be of help.
  8. Confusion regarding $OEM$ location

    If you put a compressed copy of the SATA/RAID driver in the I386 directory, you shouldn't need to.
  9. New XPlode coming....

    If it's written in C or C++, I might be able to do something if the code can be compiled with GCC, since that's the only 32bit compiler I have.
  10. hotfix problem

    DX 9.0b should have been there. DX9ntopk is the same thing. The Creative Tech update isn't a "Critical" update. KB817778 cannot be installed with XPCreate. You'll get an error message. Go to Start - Run and type SYSOCMGR to see what you'll get. As far as the others, I'm not sure.
  11. multiboot dvd wont boot

    I have a DVD+RW drive. I like it so far. The one I have is the Liteon LDW-401S.
  12. Can you boot from a External USB DVD Writer?

    @Alanoll, both of the motherboards I've had in my PC in the last year support booting from USB in the BIOS. I would agree with you on installing over the network, though.
  13. Just curious, but how long does yours take?

    Interesting. I get 3.5 to 4 minute copy times from my CD-ROM and it's an old drive. I haven't tried copying from my new one, yet.
  14. Just curious, but how long does yours take?

    Only file I put in was XPSP2. All 273MB of it. I might have the rest here somewhere if you want a more "accurate" time... For what it's worth, GM, my times on PATA are close to yours on SATA. I think the one full disk I did was around 35 minutes.
  15. Just curious, but how long does yours take?

    Well, I just did one. GM, this is Windows XP Pro 2002, just updating it to Service Pack 2 RC1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 16:53:48 -- Started at: 16:46:29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 16:53:48 -- Finished at: 16:53:48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System is Athlon XP 2200+, 512 MB RAM, Creative 8432 CD-RW drive reading the XP CD-ROM, WD 80 GIG Parallel ATA HD. Just to the ISO stage, not including burning the image to CD-R.