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New XPlode coming....


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It's time...

This next coming versions will be XPlode 1.2.0.

Don't ask me where 1.1.0 went, I'm not entirely sure.

Planned additions:

  • Selection conditions (sorry KMan :/)
  • Conditional statements (kinda need them if I'm doing selections)
  • Plugin SDK v2
  • Optional GUI install background redraw

Essentially, for the selection, I plan on adding another dialog with the list of items, with each different program in a sort of tree-view options box. (Go and look at folder options to see the idea.)

What I plan on adding if it's not too much of a drama, is an optional selection script. What I envisage will be a script that controls which things get installed, so you don't have to manually reselect each one. Think a set of 6 radio button items, with the workstation names on them. You select one of the names, it sets an environment variable, the conditional statements figure out which things are supposed to be installed. (Comprende?)

As for the plugin SDK... well, it kinda needs doing. It's a bit too... gross... at the moment. A cleanup and a move to OO will hopefully be done. (I'm probably going to do this first...)

And, back for everyone's amusement, redrawing of the background window. Of course, I'll leave full transparency in as well.

If anyone has any thoughts or whatever, speak up now. :)

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Don't ask me where 1.1.0 went, I'm not entirely sure.


hopefully this one might work with SP2 :)

doubt it... there's no way I can tell why it f***s up right now, I'll have to wait until I can get a copy of (final) SP2. :rolleyes:

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Don't forget to check the latest changes on the front of the XPlode site...

Or from here:

Latest changes: http://xplode.voidfx.com/index.php?cmd=updates

Planned additions: http://xplode.voidfx.com/index.php?cmd=additions

Just thought you ppl might like to know plugin SDK 2.0 is done... will release docs for it before XPlode 1.2.0 probably. If you plan on developing for it, I can give you a copy of the XPlode exe without the other changes, just so you can see if your code works.

I'll provide an example zip soon.

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I've decided to put docs within the plugins... for now.

An early example is:


I may move it to HTML... not entirely sure yet.

Redrawing is done, still have to port over the other plugins, figuring out how I am going to handle help first.

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I've decided to release 1.1.0 without the install selections... it's a little more complicated than what I had intended, so I thought that rather letting XPlode stagnate for longer, I'd release an interim release with the OTHER features people wanted.

Expect it in a few hours... have to clean up some things.

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Let's just say that more important things came up.

Important enough that I may not be able to do anything with XPlode for at least another week.

If I feel that I can't continue XPlode due to time constraints, I might rewrite a large proportion of the code and put it on sourceforge as an open source project. Will see how things go in the next few weeks.

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