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I have no objection at all to disabling my adblocker to support the site.  I do object to the big green stripe not going away again after I have.

It's tempting to re-enable the ad blocking to reclaim the real-estate taken by that big green stripe.

Just saying.


[edit] *NOW* it suddenly grows an X to close it..... Just ignore me, I'm not dangerous unless I have a keyboard and admin rights :rolleyes: [/edit]


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It's nice of him if he did.

In general I tend to run with ads blocked by default, as I suspect many do, if a site asks nicely (as this one does) I'll usually unblock to support them, as long as they don't have video or audio then start without interaction they'll stay unblocked assuming the content is useful.
The content here is very useful at times, I'd say it's probably *the* resource for older operating systems, it's certainly the best resource I've found.  Well worth living with the ad banner.

If more sites ran with the sort of advertising I see here, rather than intrusive and disruptive stuff you often get, I'd not need the ads blocked by default policy.

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Getting it here, as well. No problem allowing revenue as I can't donate currently.

Using New Moon (PM) and didn't even know I was blocking ads and that without an extension it was capable. I could be wrong though and will look it over later and see if its something I doing.

Great site - grateful it here !!

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