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  1. It's reminding me ever more of my experiences with Win98, random reboots losing me work (no difference to *me* if it's a crash or updates that do that). Random breakages of software. Because they haven't yet made it lose you enough time with the forced reboots and software breakages to *quite* be as bad as '98 they waste more by keep changing the UI so you have to go hunting for things you previously knew how and where to do. Perhaps the strategy is to get everyone used to this crap, then go backwards to something where the user experience is more stable and work doesn't get destroyed, and call these backward steps "progress" hoping everyone forgot it used to be that way in previous versions.
  2. Already did the first, and my frustration is mainly because I already added it to the context menu manually.. and how dare they undo that? Further I *used to get* (back in Win 7) the same context menu whatever folder I was in, in W10 it changes randomly according to I know not what criteria, and items I want there in whatever folder I'm in are only available in others. I do not like powershell, and use it only when I strictly must, for things I can't do some other way. If I didn't have to keep my hand in with Win10 because I'm the family IT guy, I'd be sorely tempted to ditch Wndows altogether Win 10 STINKS.
  3. If I even *COULD* get a browser that worked reasonably on NT4 I WOULD switch back to it as my main OS.. USB mass storage can be done, and I wouldn't really miss the other things that plug in that way. Now this won't let me edit ^^ THAT... all I wanted to do was add that *actually the ultimate pinnacle of the Windows OS was Win2K
  4. How the hell can I get rid of, or turn OFF powershell in Windows 10?? Google searches just return nonsense about how to uninstall OTHER apps I want to just GET THE f*** RID OF "POWERSHELL" COMPLETELY so I can open a damned COMMAND PROMPT on right click.. W10 DISABLED my registry setting to do that the "FATHERLESS INDIVIDUALS!" I'm getting seriously SO FRUSTRATED that if it requires booting Linux and DELETING the damned powershell.exe I will.. and if THAT results in Windows failing to boot.. then Linux here I come PERMANENTLY.
  5. Just the DESK SPACE for dual monitors would be nice.. that's my constraint.. not drivers! (Sorry, not helpful).
  6. Speaking of Linux, I must install the subsystem now it's available.. I'm afraid M$ failed hiding my command prompt and trying to make me use pixie-shell.. If I'm going to learn something different it's going to be BASH, the way Windows is going knowing the (most common) Linux shell is going to be WAY more useful to me before long. At least Linux FSCKs (when so ordered!).
  7. Not my own PC, troubleshooting someone else's, so already frustrated by UAC.... just the same, if I'm in an admin command window, I expect what I command done, be it CHKDSK or DEL *.* /S /F I want ACTION, if that action stalls from breaking stuff that's MY fault. Never mind Windows 2000 @jaclaz I expect DOS-like obedience. If I'm admin, it's MY computer, to break, or to waste time on!
  8. Microsoft make lots of claims about how wonderful and robust ReFS is, yet if I google "ReFS corrupt" there's no shortage of results with persons seeking help. I may be cynical, but I'm reminded of the claims M$ made about NTFS not needing defragmenting with NT3.x, and Diskeeper corp. nee. Executive Software was born.. it took till NT4 for Microsoft to provide an API, and NT5 to supply a tool... There seems to be a parallel, in fact the tools to fix corrupt ReFS are the very same as fragmented NTFS under NT3.x, copy your data elsewhere, format, and copy it back... Personally I think I'll hold off deploying ReFS until there's at least a tool to check it.. preferably a native one.
  9. All I can do is say I'm sorry to hear your trouble, personally I've never had a problem with Microsoft disk cleanup, in fact I install the desktop experience on servers just to get it, and be able to remove all the old guff Windows Update leaves behind. You could try with the drive you cloned *from* disconnected, that being there *may* be confusing the repair or in-place upgrade options, though I don't hold out much hope, reinstall is probably your *best* choice at this point.
  10. Frustrated yesterday by Windows 10 insubordination, if I type CHKDSK /R in an elevated COMMAND window, I expect my COMMAND to be carried out! I do not wish to waste an entire boot cycle for Windows to give me the OPINION *it* doesn't think the drive needs checking, if I *wanted* its stupid opinion on that matter I could do FSUTIL DIRTY QUERY C: myself, without wasting time rebooting! So after that waste of time I set the dirty bit manually..
  11. It's nice of him if he did. In general I tend to run with ads blocked by default, as I suspect many do, if a site asks nicely (as this one does) I'll usually unblock to support them, as long as they don't have video or audio then start without interaction they'll stay unblocked assuming the content is useful. The content here is very useful at times, I'd say it's probably *the* resource for older operating systems, it's certainly the best resource I've found. Well worth living with the ad banner. If more sites ran with the sort of advertising I see here, rather than intrusive and disruptive stuff you often get, I'd not need the ads blocked by default policy.
  12. I have no objection at all to disabling my adblocker to support the site. I do object to the big green stripe not going away again after I have. It's tempting to re-enable the ad blocking to reclaim the real-estate taken by that big green stripe. Just saying. [edit] *NOW* it suddenly grows an X to close it..... Just ignore me, I'm not dangerous unless I have a keyboard and admin rights [/edit]
  13. Taking a wild guess, I'd be inclined to think that the hardware is "too new" and not supported by the Linux kernel in use on the DBAN and CloneZilla disks. If the installers for something like Arch or Gentoo boot (they tend to be up to date) then it's a case waiting till those utilities get updated. Meanwhile something like Macrium Reflect Free will clone / image your drives using the rescue media only once that's created, and the WinPE rescue media it creates will also give you access to a command prompt, after launching DISKPART within that and selecting the correct disk CLEAN ALL will write 0s over the entire disk, which is secure enough.
  14. There's two parts to answering that: Part 1 Does W9x/ME have the SMB problem that allows wannacrypt to get in from the internet or travel round my LAN? Almost undoubtedly. As far as I understand it uses a flaw in SMB 1.0 which you might know as "File and printer sharing", I suspect the bulk of the codebase is shared with NT4 which is reported to have the vulnerability that wannacrypt used to get into a system. SMB has been present by default since Win 3.11, prior to Win 2000 it does have to be enabled manually, if you haven't done so on an old OS to move files round your network, then you should be safe. Most people end up enabling it very early after installing or during setup though. Part 2 If wannacrypt (or other malware using this exploit) got on my network somehow, will my 9x/ME machines get hosed? By way of a "best guess", I very much doubt that that most modern malware would run if it got in, there are reports from good sources which you can turn up using google, that wannacrypt specifically caused a BSOD on XP unless sp3 was installed. Which is no guarantee about variants, but I doubt the malware authors are going to bother making their ransomware backwards compatible to 9x, they're almost certainly using development platforms which are too new to make that easy. You might end up stuck in a boot/crash loop though. What defenses do I have? How safe am I from it? Most domestic ISPs block the SMB ports, this stops SMB being exploited directly from outside. Even if yours doesn't, you're almost certainly behind NAT, this will stop it getting in cold unless you do crazy things like: Forwarding any of ports TCP 137, 139, 445 or UDP 137, 138 Putting any of your machines in the router's DMZ Keeping UPNP enabled in your router (The risk being malware inside your LAN could forward these ports to itself without you knowing). Connecting a machine directly to the modem (or turning off NAT) in a single PC setup. ALWAYS use a router. Other than that it comes down to the same defenses you use elsewhere to keep malware out. Keep a backup of these old systems! Image or if virtual a copy of your virtual disk, reverting to a clean state if something gets in then becomes trivial. A heads up for these running old OSes alongside Windows 10 the next major update (Fall Creators Update) will remove support for SMB 1.0 from the OS, which will break network sharing with everything pre Vista. This may also break shared folders within VMWare and Virtual box via additions too, since these use a network redirect (effectively a mapped network drive) under the hood.. I'm not in a position to test. You might want to look into an alternate to network shares as a means of getting files on and off these machines if you're running Win10, possibilities here are endless.. Local HTTP or FTP servers, creating ISOs, creating VHD files and injecting files from your OS then using them in your VM, using a Vista/7/8.1 VM or NAS as a staging area.. USB drives. Way beyond my skillset, but possibly, there's other problems incoming though, since SMB 1.0 is starting to go away soon which will render XP and earlier even less useful generally. I'll leave others to debate if that's M$ pushing people off old operating systems for profit, or eliminating legacy code on security grounds. If you run XP, it'll pull it from Windows Update. Just check for updates from behind a router. Or find it directly in the M$ download centre.
  15. People who insist SFC passes without errors must also I don't think MS issued sp2 for the simple reason they no longer have the talent to produce a service pack that actually *works*. I usually use the ie4 or ie5.5 installer the right command line options, which I don't now recall, get you the desktop update (the quick-launch bar is indispensable), way back when NT4 was current, people used to ask me how I got that. Or mistake it for 95 OSR2 / 98.
  16. Probably too late for the OP now, but for anyone searching who finds this: Method one: Simply wait for the next "feature update", it'll come back. Method two: Google "download windows 10" and follow the first result at Microsoft.com, then follow the instructions to create install media and reinstall using it. The above is needed because the removal method also removes it from the wim which is used if you simply reset windows, so you need "unmolested" sources to get it back, either by creating fresh install media, or waiting for updates to deliver a new build, at which point Microsoft will reinstall pretty much everything you worked hard to get rid of, and disrespectfully change many setting you set explicitly. Personally I'm quite liking edge once ublock-origin is added, much more useable than IE in win 10 (though I don't like it enough to let it be my *default* browser Opera gets that honour).
  17. If you're trying for a comprehensive list, I don't see Macrium Refelect available in several flavours including a free for home use one Support for you name it via VBS scripts or batch files http://www.macrium.com/ Forensic images aren't default, but are available via command line switches, or it defaults to them when it can't read the filesystem on a given disk/partition. The usual pay extra for more features, & for once the sting for server OS installs isn't so massive as with most commercial software Restore to dissimilar hardware also available (an at cost option). I really liked it, but couldn't justify the cost of the server version for home/hobby use so am currently using DriveImageXML, though if I'm ever feeling flush I may treat my server to a copy.
  18. I'm not clear exactly what you're after, but hMailServer does everything I want on my domain at home, might be worth googling & looking at the documentation to see if it will suit your purposes.
  19. Do I trust the sp6a installer not to overwrite post sp6a hotfixes, while lulling me into thinking they're applied when in fact it's just unfixed them (or some of them)? More than one hotfix microsoft have issued overwrites some files with older versions, even if it version checks the main fixed file... Sooooo, um, No I do NOT.. this leaves an unfeasible amount of investigation to do post sp6a reapplication. Quicker to just reapply the hotfixes. Or even better slip the fixes into the SP instead of the install media, since it appears you have to apply the SP anyhow. I begin to wonder if an effective slipstream for NT4 isn't in fact impossible as most sites state. The whole point of slipstreaming a service pack is that afterwards you don't have to apply it, just install windows, unless I'm missing something, yet here we have a process which still requires it, the requirement is just hidden by the redirect to bearwindows for the instruction. I thought I'd found something really cool here, it would seem I was mistaken.
  20. Thanks for the replies, approach #1 will be to explain the situation, & request to use the ful outlook (installed but not configured) instead of OWA
  21. My employer (local government) recently "upgraded" their microsoft exchange server version to 2010. By policy mailboxes are all a standard size, but mine overfills with things which must (often for legal reasons) be retained, Unfortunately, I can find no way to save messages from OWA to my local hard drive, is there one? They will *not* increase my mailbox capacity, frankly I'm reaching a point where a "hotmail account rebellion" seems in order as even the free accounts have WAY more capacity than I've been allocated. Any ideas how I export things? Failing that I'll end up setting up a free live mail account, installing WLM (against the rules) & forwarding everything to myself so I can free some space...
  22. No indeed, you're still not alone using 2k3, though I only use it as a hobby (home, strictly non-commercial use) If the old dell blade I picked up for a song hadn't had a licence sticker for it.. I'd still be using 2000 Server.
  23. So what happened with this project? Anyone followed these instructions sucessfully? I was intending to have a go, but reading through I ran into err some confusion partly from point 20 directing me over to bearwindows which is a standard attempt with the standard "then reapply sp6a" gotcha.. which TOTALLY defeats the object of slipstreaming to begin with.. & partly from trying to figure out what steps there are made redundant by steps here... I also got confused at point 13 as I may be dense, but I don't see at any point how & where these get covered

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