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Are there any Vista kernel extensions?


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I only recently stumbled across this site and discovered KernelEx for Windows 98 and the Windows 2000 app compatibility launcher which I'm currently using on my Vista-2000 dual boot laptop. I'm wondering, are there any similar kernel extensions for Windows Vista to get it to run Windows 7 applications? Windows Vista is nearing end of support soon and a lot of programs already don't support Vista anymore. I remember when Windows 7 first came out, Windows Vista was already very close to Windows 7 in that Vista was actually capable of running some Windows 7 applications and vice-versa with minimal to no modifications. So has anyone been able to extend the Vista kernel to be closer to 7 much like with 98 and 2000 being closer to XP?

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49 minutes ago, dencorso said:

Were I you, I'd include 7 ultimate on the near side of the line in the sand.
I, myself, did so and don't regret it. A great thing about 7 is XP-Mode.
But this are just my 2¢, of course. YMMV. :)

Windows 7 is very "iffy" from my standpoint.  The removal of the proper Classic Desktop/Start Menu Shell is a non-starter to begin with. I know there are ways to get it back, but I shouldn't have to use 3rd-party tools to restore something that should never have been removed in the first place. Not to mention the fact that 7 is/was plagued by all of the invasive "GWX" garbage, although I suppose that may have calmed down some now.
I give Vista a pass only because it feels like it was the last operating system where Microsoft actually TRIED to make a "nicer"/"prettier"/"better" (whatever you want to call it) operating system and user experience. I believe they failed in the "better" part, but they still get credit for trying. After Vista it's all downhill.

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I really liked Vista (SP2) and wish I could continue using it, but I doubt anyone will make any kernel extensions for it, simply because of its reputation. 

If you really enjoy the UI in Vista, it's quite easy to "transform" Windows 7 or 8.1 to look like Vista. Just look at what I did with my 8.1 install here: http://prntscr.com/dxdxh0

I made a tutorial for 7 too, which can be found in my signature, if you're interested. I'll make one for 8.1 too eventually, I guess.

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1 hour ago, jumper said:

What about the Platform Update for Vista that Microsoft released in 2009 (and refreshed in 2011)? It adds Win7.0 API support to Vista SP2.

The Platform Update(s) did add many APIs from 7 to Vista, but the Platform Update for 7 added APIs from Win8/8.1 that remain missing from Vista, so many programs still don't work with Vista, not to mention there's still some Win7 APIs needed that didn't get added to Vista (such as GetThreadErrorMode, K32GetProcessImageFileNameW, SetWaitableTimerEx, etc).

Also, it's worth noting that many programs require Windows Installer 5.0, and Vista only received v4.5, so a lot of MSIs (i.e. VMware Workstation 11+ and Sketchup 2017) refuse to work in Vista. Perhaps it would be possible to somehow port Windows Installer 5.0 to Vista, but I don't see anybody doing it anytime soon... 

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@2008WindowsVista: What you did to your Win8.1 looks really nice! How, exactly, did you do it? I wouldn't mind doing it myself, as I have 8.1, and don't like the default look too much (I've fixed it up and have got it to look somewhat like 7, which is okay, but I like Vista's look better).

I guess it is wishful thinking to have Vista receive the same kind of KernelEx fun that 9x, 2000, and XP have had, given it's terrible reputation (which I find is more due to poor marketing and misrepresentation of the minimum requirements; as OSes go, it's actually quite decent, especially after some of the updates it has received over the years (SP 1 made it much more stable, I think)).


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