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Enable MP4 (H.264 + AAC) HTML5 video in Firefox on Windows XP without Flash

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I was afraid of that.
I guess that's the end of being able to update Firefox to the latest version then, unless you're someone who doesn't need to play HTML5 video.
Only in a couple of months too. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.........

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2 hours ago, Dave-H said:

Does that mean that it will stop working for those of us who already have it installed if we install the update to Firefox 52?

Nobody knows for sure. We'll see when we get there. 'Till then, let's live as if today'll never end. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

WORKING with XP SP2, Firefox 45 ESR from Portableapps.com, ASUS Dual Core 3.2GHz 2GB ram
media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled         true        was true
media.gmp-eme-adobe.forcevisible    true        had to add it
media.gmp.decoder.enabled           true        was false
media.eme.enabled                   true   (for DRM free ver of Firefox)      was true    


CHANGED TO: ( Change %VERSION% after GMP to: 46.0 )

Updating Plugin manually from Addons entry created by adding the above boolean entries...
It now shows in about:plugins

Primetime Content Decryption Module provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated
File: 17
Path: C:\Firefox45Portable\Data\profile\gmp-eme-adobe\17
Version: 17
State: Enabled
Play back protected web video.
I restarted FF. Success! Playback is smooth with no audio issues. No firewall or hosts issues.

I disabled my Flash forcing Addon: Flash Player 1.8.0
I installed YouTube ALL HTML5 3.1.1 and set it for 720, stop Autoplay, Open Description etc.
Saved zip of plugin for possible future manual install.
Thank you!

On one of my single CPU 3.2GHz machines the audio is too choppy even in 360. It also refused to change to a lower res when selected from the list. Will make that sys Flash.

Had I not found this I would probably be back in my Firefox 28 setup. After fixing dozens of Mozilla design horrors I was starting to like some of the FF 45 customizations I was able to do but after many Flash related crashes with the plugin container I went back to 28 with some new ideas for further enhancements starting with a compact Addons page via 2 Stylish scripts.

To continue to evaluate Firefox 45 ESR I really had to get rid of the plugin-container.exe crashes so this is great.

I have been putting off setting up a Win7 machine but I have a Samsung 850 Pro SSD I want to try. I am hoping I can find a way to relocate user profile drive activity off the SSD otherwise I will end up setting up a Win7 system.

Mouse Wheel Volume Control (Hor. (or vert.): Set YT vol to 75 or 100 via Addon such as ALL HTML5 3.1.1 and Install Volumouse program. Create a Volume control fader over specified application and enter Mozilla Firefox as app name. Set to horizontal, step 4000, and activate with right mouse button held + wheel, over app. Works great. Useful when full screen. Can also set up a decent Balance control (OSD). I have a Vertical Vol. control via wheel over desktop. Over titlebar another changes brightness. XMPlay has built-in wheel vol.

A nice surprise was logging in here and it worked! I last tried 3 or 4 years ago and my account was not found. Amazing.
Thank you again!

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On 10/5/2016 at 11:52 PM, ekeda said:

I tried all possible Mozilla settings to try running that h264 decoding, but with no success - the video simply don't start. The reason is probably I am running XP with SP2

Yep, that was it. Today I upgraded to SP3 and it is working fine!

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So i google found this awesome thread and was going to write a few things :

I am currently on Firefox 39 (Always had updates set to disabled) and sorta didn't find a reason to update from it, I tried the steps to be able to enable the html5 in firefox on xp and didn't manage to make it work.. i get to where it shows in the Plugins but only as "preparing to download" and i tried to play with the url (of the download) and use my version or even others and nothing.. never downloaded it :'(

any way to make it work in 39?

or i guess, if i must.. and i upgrade to 51 (current latest?) does it work there? or should i update to some specific version it works on? as i've been debating for example updating from 39 to 46 (as i believe it definitely works on it right?)

Thanks in advance to whoever replies and can help me out ;)

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If 39 has been good enough for you, up to now, I think you'd be best served to move on to the current 45.x.x ESR, on which you're sure to get H.264 working... You've asked for opinions, so those're my 2 ¢. HTH.

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2 hours ago, Dave-H said:

Just to confirm that it does work fine in the current Firefox version 50.1.


Current release of Firefox is 51.0. I can confirm that it does work fine with Firefox 52.0 Beta-1 on Windows XP SP3 too ! After upgrading my Firefox to 52.0b1 I was forced to re-create 'media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled' (true) and 'media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible' (true) boolean variables in about:config. Then I restarted my browser and Adobe Primetime PCD got enabled again and MP4 (H.264 + AAC) HTML5 video worked! Voila!

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Strange, my Firefox 50.1 hasn't offered to update itself to 51, I guess I'll have to force it.
Good news that things still work in the beta of 52, let's hope that remains the same for the release version!
Edit: Strange, I just checked "About Firefox" on my installation of 50.1, and it said it was up to date! 51 does officially support XP I assume?


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Extra Information
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56 minutes ago, Dave-H said:

Strange, I just checked "About Firefox" on my installation of 50.1, and it said it was up to date! 51 does officially support XP I assume?

Do not worry, usually Firefox automatically updates itself within a few days after release. :yes:

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Thanks, I've now seen that Firefox 51 was only rolled out yesterday, which is why I didn't know about it, so as you say it may take a day or two for the pushed updates to kick in.

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Firefox 51.0 has been withdrawn and quickly replaced with Firefox 51.0.1. Looks like some critical bug has been found. Here's the possible cause of delaying autoupdates.

Update: Firefox 51.0.1 was withdrawn also. Sh*t happens...:crazy:

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So figured ill give an update : I went and updated my Firefox 39 to Firefox 50, didn't want the "latest" and yet wanted to update to a very recent one to see if i like the "bunch of changes" they must have done since my 39'th version

And all i can say for now is that i am SUPER HAPPY, as the update took like a second and all my extensions work + i was able to do the HTML5 on firefox for XP magic happen (which didn't work in Firefox 39) and i am super pleased right now :)

So again, thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread and had any sort of participation in finding how to and in general do this thing + to everyone that contributed their experiences and in what version it works :)

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