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  1. Another update from mere seconds ago : officialy the skype program (the latest official 7.36 version available for xp) just died. suddenly i got the skype sound that i was logged out and i am getting a "Sorry we couldn't connect to skype. please check your internet connection and try again" crying smile with 'retry' doing nothing. i guess they officially killed their latest working program version on XP :(
  2. nope. and no "useragent string" of any other will ever change the startp_load_error it is not a simple fix as putting a different useragent. the useragent is fine as it detects it as "possible to run" (meaning it doesn't say that the browser is not supported) it's just something specific they changed that affects mypal (palemoon 27/28)
  3. Well, for now the only solution for me is to use it on a chrome (that is spoofed to latest version) coz then at least the skype for web is useful or rather usable (and not a slow mess) I guess the "why" one can't get it to work on Mypal/palemoon is a mystery hehe
  4. yeah adding the other one and having those two doesn't change the end result unfortunately... at least u got some progress and understanding of the addon, but i guess the fact that it keeps it changed + every other one connected to it is the factor here that we can't replicate to fix it on the lower firefox versions i doubt it is a "windows xp" thing when with the addon it works on firefox 50 but with just spoofing as it always worked it gets that error thingy on mypal (firefox 27/28) as that addon can't do some insane magic that is nu-reproducable regardless thanks for the attempt!
  5. nah same result as using my Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.113 Safari/537.36 , ends up in that startup_load_error unfortunately. mhm, not exactly... but something similar has happened to me: basically all of the contacts i already had have not dropped but 2 of my most recent contacts that i think use the phone app or at least definitely not the pc versions are as if they require "accepting" when i know for a fact they are accepted (coz they are fine on the 'for web' version) so i assumed those 2 latest one are due to the phone app and old pc version mix/issues or what not, but i did not have old contacts going in that mode suddenly... weird to hear p.s. - that is exactly why i am so sad about the "skype for web" thingy... i don't have skype on a phone nor use phones for anything other then u know, talking lol (yeah im one of those that don't bother with phones for anything other than talk or the rare text) and skype for web was my solution to those contacts that appear to "require accepting" even if i know they are 100% accepted and talked to already. because via skype for web i was able to message those :\
  6. Yep. exactly the same here (tho it did end up connecting for me eventually.. so i reckon if u keep it on it will at some point connect and stop the endless 'connecting' while still appearing fine and showing ur list and being able to message/receive messages) but i really find the breaking on the web skype a bummer :( for some reason, spoofing the version of the browser/OS doesn't work for me BUT i found out that using firefox 50 and using this : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/skype-web-ff then somehow the skype for web loads fine on Firefox 50. but that's the problem for me... i find skype for web HORRIBLE laggy and unusable on firefox 50 or i assume even more later versions... and i can't run this app on 'mypal' (which is a palemoon, firefox 27 or 28 fork) which is where i always used my skype for web :(
  7. Yeah can confirm something happened with skype for web, and it pretty much died yesterday or so'ish. That "startup_load_error" even when the browser is spoofed to a "supportable" browser/OS like i used to do for ages now.... it also simultaneously happened that the latest working version of skype is stuck on the "connecting" icon, even if it feels like it is connected coz i receive msgs/see who is online on my contacts Still hoping it's something temporary and will get fixed
  8. So i was wondering, consider we all are on Windows xp here, using firefox + html5 enabled.... does anyone have any solution for "screen-tearing" while playing youtube videos? specifically with html5 enabled. as i find this to be quite a pain, and why i forced youtube to use aggressive flash and not html5 for now, as with flash + fullscreen it seems to not happen. Also for whatever matters, i have a nvidia card (gtx750ti oc edition)
  9. So figured ill give an update : I went and updated my Firefox 39 to Firefox 50, didn't want the "latest" and yet wanted to update to a very recent one to see if i like the "bunch of changes" they must have done since my 39'th version And all i can say for now is that i am SUPER HAPPY, as the update took like a second and all my extensions work + i was able to do the HTML5 on firefox for XP magic happen (which didn't work in Firefox 39) and i am super pleased right now So again, thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread and had any sort of participation in finding how to and in general do this thing + to everyone that contributed their experiences and in what version it works
  10. So i google found this awesome thread and was going to write a few things : I am currently on Firefox 39 (Always had updates set to disabled) and sorta didn't find a reason to update from it, I tried the steps to be able to enable the html5 in firefox on xp and didn't manage to make it work.. i get to where it shows in the Plugins but only as "preparing to download" and i tried to play with the url (of the download) and use my version or even others and nothing.. never downloaded it :'( any way to make it work in 39? or i guess, if i must.. and i upgrade to 51 (current latest?) does it work there? or should i update to some specific version it works on? as i've been debating for example updating from 39 to 46 (as i believe it definitely works on it right?) Thanks in advance to whoever replies and can help me out
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