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NEW! Ubuntu on Windows 10


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13 hours ago, allen2 said:

Anyway as it is MS they may still render it useless just like they did with powershell.

I'm curious what you mean by this.  I don't use powershell, but what did MS do to screw it up?

Cheers and Regards

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Powershell is object based (a good thing). Microsoft promoted it as the future language that would replace batch and vbs. But it is extremely slow (slower than vbs and batch), it can't really work without wmi call (for a lot system related action) and buggy (write-host "hello world" > file won't be written to file). It also has drawback of its nature (object based language): most value needs to be extracted from the object to be used (or exported to text) but they will be printed on the screen just fine.
 So for people knowing many other scriptings language (or even compiled language), why using powershell unless it is really easier/faster/cleaner to create the needed script/program ?

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Sorry, I still can't see the attraction of Linux in Windows...Linux is Linux and Windows is Windows...leave them alone!

It would be better if the games manufacturers started taking Linux seriously and then put Microsoft and us out of our misery...!!

As I have said befor, Microsoft would not survive without the games community....

Dual booting is one thing but this is just plain daft...

My opinion for what it is worth...;)


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Reading through this thread, with posts by a lot of in-the-know geeks, I sense that this is a feature announcement (or maybe a re-announcement) that no one particularly cares about.  Given the wide knowledge base of the crowd HERE, that's saying something.

I can sense Microsoft's Marketing requesting something - anything - that can be used to keep the online buzz machine running.




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