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Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

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Now Pale Moon v27.1 is fully working with Facebook.  But not without a lot of arguing over there.

On to the OP's topic (oh wait!  That's me), I wonder if we'll actually get any updates tomorrow.  I'm curious to see.


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16 minutes ago, NoelC said:

Were there even updates for January?  My understanding is that they had skipped January entirely, at least for Win 8.1.

Yup, Windows 8.x are still in December's update batch... like said earlier, you can't perfect perfection :P

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I don't think there is a precedent for that either - where no updates were issued in a month prior to Windows 2000 Professional.

I don't recall how Windows 98 and ME were scheduled for updates, or did they just come at random?

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Somehow I'm having trouble seeing it as a regression...  To me, as a power user, it seems like kind of a boon.

I've been reluctant to install updates for a while - since some time in 2015.  In fact, I've only been catching my Win 8.1 workstation up a few times a year.  Why?  Because that's convenient for me, it's stable, and it already does everything I need.

Am I worried about security if I don't get the latest "OMG, zero day!" patch?  To be honest, no, because I have a security environment that's far, far tighter than what Microsoft delivers out of the box, and I practice conscientious computing.  Their patches strive to keep malware that's passed all blocks and has been loaded into the system regardless of all protections from poking through latent vulnerabilities.  I just avoid bringing that malware into my systems to begin with.  So far, I've had zero malware even come near my systems in all the years I've been doing it.

So, no, I see a lack of updates as the ability to run the older operating system I choose to use for months on end without de-stabilization, without worrying about what they broke or added that I don't want, without even rebooting it!



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