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Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

Jody Thornton

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7 hours ago, JorgeA said:

For how long will Server 2008 keep getting updates?

Until those stop coming out, it looks like Vista will be the only Microsoft OS whose users continue to enjoy maximum freedom! :thumbup

Server 2008 will recieve updates for as long as Windows 7, that is, until 14th January 2020.

EDIT: Also, some interesting info: Windows Thin PC, which is a slimmed down version of Windows 7, with only a x86 install option, will have support until 12th October 2021. This means Windows 7 users might have an extra year of x86 support (sorry x64 users, I can't find any obscure Windows 7 variant that has support beyond 2020).

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Thanks greenhillmaniac and JodyT.

I guess time will tell for sure if we Vista users will keep enjoying that freedom, or if there will even be a way to install new patches after April.


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Well, it appears that now I can only download KB3197876 from the Microsoft Update Catalog and not from the Bulletins Page.  Plus the file name has the SHA1 hash built in to the file name.  There were no .NET files of any kind.  This appeared to be the only update.  So I'll attempt installation now.  Here's some info on this in the meantime:


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1 hour ago, JodyT said:

Ahoy greenhillmaniac!  If I'm not mistaken, today is that rather special Tuesday, so time to awaken this thread from just over a month of slumber.

I'll be on it later today.


I look forward to it :lol:

BTW, forgot to mention: I've updated the repository with the Monthly Rollups, both Security Only and Quality and Security ones. I've also added a folder named "Extras", with a mix of non security updates and Update Rollups that I think should be installed in every NT6.2 system (like the new July 2016 servicing stack update). Do check it out :)

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