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  1. biggest issue are drivers for a modern gpu, amd blocks the install of any modern driver, even though it will install ok on windows 7
  2. I wish this could be solved! weird cause I read not much diff from win 7 to win 8, funny the gpu driver gets a bsod
  3. thanks, I was going to do the same but you beat me to it, lol.... yup running very stable, gives new life to good ole 8 eh? :P
  4. here is a portable version of the latest edge https://www.upload.ee/files/9839860/MSEdgePortable_75.0.132.0.paf.exe.html
  5. they must have changed something under the hood recently, previous I only partially got edge to work but it alwasy reverted to software acceleration, etc....now this new version runs great with full hardware acceleration! I am impressed
  6. btw great news! the most recent canary build of edge works fantastic on 8!!!
  7. long time lurker here, just wanted to say that this edge installs and runs fine on windows 8.1 HOWEVER on 8.0, it is totally different :( it will install but everytime I try to open it, I only get a black (blank) screen, even running under 7 compatibility mode, I do not know if this is only happening to me but just my 2 cents
  8. epic fail......everyone with me now.......
  9. no problems here with no updates since 2013, lol....
  10. o ic, did not know that, well I was hoping for a "better" driver for gaming to be honest
  11. I have been waiting forever and praying that someone will mod some newer AMD driver that we can use on Vista, I see a modified 15.6 but we need something newer, I would love to use Vista right now if I had a sensible more up to date AMD driver for my HD7770 gpu
  12. quite normal I thought this was common knowledge, forgive me, windows sets special permissions on this folder, hence it will always show 0 size, mine has always been like this since as long as I can remember! so normal!
  13. interesting, will look into it more, thanks. no problem with winsxs corruption? also forgot, can this script be applied to an offline image or only a live system?
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