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winamp 5.0.3a release!


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Is it just me, or is anyone else not getting any of the present EQ settings to appear when trying to use one?

Look for WINAMP.Q1 in %systemdrive%\Program Files\Winamp

I just copy that file over from the cd during the install.


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I have a problem using the silent install.

winamp.msi xfull=1 /gb

xfull works fine, but I the dialog pops up and I have to hit next and another next like a normal installation :)

"%systemdrive%\install\Winamp\winamp.msi Xfull=1 /gb"

The latest build of this msi packed is in use, so maybe someone can find my misktake.

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Sorry for this maybe simp[le guestion, but ussually i install all the programs on an partition d:.

I couldn't find an switch to alter the destination if i want to use an silent install.

Is this switch already, or can it be made?? :)

thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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