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winamp 5.0.3a release!


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Show my thanks to XtremeMaC

I modify both the winamp.ini located in the subfolder of windir and winamp to achieve the complete silent install and settings. the method is as follows:

make selfextracted files of these two winamp.ini with target folders windir and winamp respectively. There would generate two .exe files for exam. winamp1.exe and winamp2 Then add two lines to the unatteded inatll batch file . it look like as

ECHO Installing winamp 5.0.3a

start /wait winamp.msi Xfull=1 /qb

start /wait winamp1.exe /s

start /wait winamp2.exe /s

you can modify the content of winamp.ini as you like. for exam the file extension association.



or avoid register popup by modifying winamp.ini located in windir as that had been posted here on this thread.

alan liu

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why do you create a INI file in the Winamp specifing the extensions?

the list gets populated upon first run of Winamp

I just don't see the point. Sure the registration one, but the one in the Winamp directory?

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I mean when I install winamp manually and complete all the favorite configuration on preference tab of Winamp. I made an self-extracted file of winamp.ini file from the winamp subfolder and use it for silent install. Besides, I add the localization files of Traditional Chinesese into the archives . As a result, I can complete the localization simultaneously by silent install. Meanwhile, you can export your registraton information to a reg ext. and register winamp when silent install is executed.

start /wait regedit /S winampreg.reg

alan liu

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@ XMac and Alanoll

thanks guys the second ver works great

the first one would not install via RunOnceEX

from the CD

the second as I said is perfect

cousre could have been me

but I checked paths ect.

thanks again


man I hated that video.........

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i dont have any problem installing via runonceex

iam using this in my .inf

HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\install25",,,"Winamp 5.03a"

HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\install25",1,,"MSIEXEC.EXE /QB /I %1%\Applications\Winamp5\WinAmp.msi xagent=1 xlibrary=1 xintex=1 xaudio=1 xnsv=1 xregopt=1"

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some reason it isn't working for me....any ideas why I'm screwed up!?

I don't get the MODERN Skin. Not all AUDIO is selected.

Plus I get the AOL desktop ICON. So I had to add that to my script.

Missing the WinAMP Equalizer Presets. The file is C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.q1 I've done a self extracting archive - I like it better than copy. See below.

If you want the PRO features - look for the following reg keys - to import:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@echo off
TITLE WinAMP 5.03a Installation

ECHO Installing WinAMP 5.03a
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\WinAMP\WinAMP.msi xagent=1 xintex=1 xmodernskin=1 xaudio=1 xextra=1 xregopt=1 /qb

ECHO Registering WinAMP 5.03a
ECHO Please wait...
REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\Applications\WinAMP\WinAMP.reg

ECHO Deleting 'Install AOL - FREE Trial' Desktop Shortcut
ECHO Please wait...
del "%userprofile%\Desktop\Install AOL - FREE Trial!.lnk"

ECHO Extracting WinAMP Equalizer Presets
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\WinAMP\AmpEQs.exe /s

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the AOL Desktop Icon is NO WHERE in the MSI. So it's getting installed elsewhere.

trying installing it like

start /wait msiexec.exe /i %systemdrive%\install\Applications\WinAMP\WinAMP.msi xagent=1 xintex=1 xmodernskin=1 xaudio=1 xextra=1 xregopt=1 /qb

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