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  1. I hope I dont get yelled at about not searching, cause I did and couldnt find anything helpful, but my problem is I am not sure how to silently install Plus DME Update. It is an exe with a .msp update file inside of it. I searched the web and tried to use the commands I found to update the original msi installer but it says the msi is not capable of being updated that way. I tried to use many simple silent switches and it would start and appear as if it would work but then comes up with an error saying c:\config.msi\PT26.tmp has probably already been updated by other means and can no longer be updated. As always and help on a solution or what is wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have not had this problem with other versions of wpi, but now when I to run wpi for whatever reason I get an IE Script Error on line 100 char 2, saying invalid syntax and Code 0. I am not sure what this is or why it is doing this but it is pretty hard to have an unattended install when this error comes up and wpi wont load. I have tried the fixed wpi.hta file and even downloaded the entire wpi 5.4 zip and ran the wpi.hta in it without editting anything at all and I still get that error. Thanx for any help.
  3. I realize this is and old thread, and I have searched this forum and the net for the answer but have been unable to come across one. I used to have this problem a couple years ago, then for some reason it went away for a while, and now I have been experiencing this problem again for some time. I can't remember the various ways I have gone about building my unattended installs to tell why sometimes it does this and other times not, but I do know that when it is happening I have to leave my network cable disconnected from the internet in order for an unattended install to continue past the T-30 min remaining mark without rebooting and restarting in and infinite loop. I also can't recall if i experience this in VMWare or not to be able to tell if maybe it is a driver issue or not. So i am basically wondering if this issue has been resolved by someone or if anyone has any ideas. Thanx
  4. I am using 5.01 and having a small insignificant problem that I wasnt getting in 4.38 and dont know if it is just me or the script. I try to change the color of the lines under the category headings, in line 121 of boxes.js, but no matter what value I change it to the color of the category underlines never actually changes from black. I dont have this small prob with 4.38 but now I do. Just letting the fine coders of WPI know so if it is indeed a small error it can be fixed in the future. Thanx for the hard work.
  5. Either rename Flash8.ocx to just Flash.ocx and put it in the i386 folder or use the new inf in the cab file because it is looks for the file to be Flash8.ocx. If you use the new inf and leave the file name Flash8.ocx, you will either have to also copy the two GetFlash.* (updater files) files to the i386 folder because the new inf looks for them to copy to the same folder as the .ocx file, or edit the new inf and delete the Getfiles.* entries under the SWFILES headers so that it doesnt look for them. Makecab will reduce their size
  6. I just used this from version 7.0.19 Copy your XP CD to a point on your HDD (ie, C:\xpcd) expand SWFLASH.IN_ from the i386 directory like this: expand -r SWFLASH.IN_ c:\ Copy SWFLASH.INI from C:\ to your desktop and then edit SWFLASH.INI so that the VersionNumber line in the [strings] section looks like this: VersionNumber = "7,0,19,0" Next, extract the Flash.ocx file from the swflash.cab (downloaded from the macromedia.com website) onto the desktop, and rename it to SWFLASH.OCX Once you've done that, use makecab to compact it and rename it, like this: makecab SWFLASH.OCX You will also need to compact the SWFLASH.INI file with makecab, like this: makecab SWFLASH.INI There should now be a file named SWFLASH.OC_ on the desktop, as well as SWFLASH.IN_ Copy SWFLASH.OC_ and SWFLASH.IN_ into the i386 directory and overwrite the ones already there. Now you can burn your CD and you'll have updated Flash Player
  7. Thanx. I already have the new inf. I have found a .cab version of the extracted installer files which has it in it. I would rather do it this way again so i dont have to install it even though that is easy enough also. I found the .cab file here if anyone else wants it. http--download.macromedia.com-pub-shockwave-cabs-flash-swflash.cab
  8. I have the new Flash 8.0.22 ocx file and just want to know if there would be problems in renaming it swflash.ocx and compressing it with makecab and replacing the original xp file in the i386 folder as was done with 7.0.19 version, or is it not as simple as that?
  9. Anyone else out there getting an error when silently installing Google Toolbar 2.0.112 with the typical switches? v2.0.111 works fine but 112 gives me an error. I have redl it several times but same thing happens
  10. If anyone else wants to find the older version without Yahoo Toolbar included in the installer as Dreadnort mentioned above, I found it at http://utils.teardrops.hu/index_files.html
  11. Is it just me, or is anyone else not getting any of the present EQ settings to appear when trying to use one?
  12. I have several WISE installer programs such as DAP v5398 ,WinTV driver installs and a couple other programs that give me similar grief that I have given up on. I realize DAP silent install has been posted before and it seems that most have gotten it to install correctly, but for me, these WISE programs often give me a reboot nag window at the end that I do not know how to silently close to continue the install. Any answers/suggestions Thnx
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