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winamp 5.0.3a release!


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but when you go into the extension section (post-install) not all AUDIO extensions are highlighted.
I was refering to that.
It installs WinAMP Agent - but it doesn't enable it.

I just restarted, and it was enabled. Maybe it jsut takes a restart.

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agent gets enabled on reboot it looks like.

As for Audio Extensions - none of the weird/obscure file types are highlighted. Here is the difference when I select the AUDIO ONLY file types.





fixed the formatting - sorry

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How do you register? I checked the post made by a member in this topic,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



However, I tested it on my computer. I insert the info into Winamp gui, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nullsoft\Winamp, it gives me a hashed or weird "regkey" which is not my registration key I used.

Now I export this, and reimport, winamp tells me it's a invalid key. What do I do to import my key?

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have you tried the registry key via registry tweak.

use the one you quoted, change to your info, then import and see if that works?

I have tried importing my own info, the same problem. Seem it only work with GUI insertion.

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@Chris Lee

you must be doing something wrong.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


that registry entry worked for me.

You have to actually put your registry key INPLACE of the X's. Not the hashed result when inputed via Winamp.

EDIT::I left CH400 in there on purpose. Hopefully it's not against the rules, as the rest of it is missing. Just to prove my point that you put he actual serial in there.

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can some mod fix this post


its messing it up :)

fixed it - sorry for the F' Up - WwTIPPYwW

ps - thanks for the extra tweaking to WinAMP.

One thing I'd like fixed is changing the shortcuts/folders/icons from Winamp to WinAMP - but I guess officially on their site it is Winamp....oh well - don't mess with that then.

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