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winamp 5.0.3a release!


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From May 24th and on Alanoll has taken full control of the project, I'd like to Thank him for helping me out and taking over the project. Good Luck

*NEW* Winamp 5.03a download link


This Winamp MSI release lets you define command lines to install your favorite Audio/Video player.

Accepted Switches

  • Xagent
  • Xlibrary
  • Xintex
    • Xhotkey
    • Xjump
    • Xtray



    • Xwma
    • Xmid
    • Xmod
    • Xogg
    • Xaac
    • Xmp3enc
    • Xmp4
    • Xcdplay
    • Xsonic
    • Xcddb
    • Xwav


    • Xnsv
    • Xavi


    • Xtinyfull
    • Xavs
    • Xmilkdrop


    • Xsignal
    • Xwritewav
    • Xdcout


    • Xdircont
    • Xtypecont
    • Xnetscape
    • Xaudiocd

    [*]NEW switches

    • Xname
    • Xkey


Command line Usage

simply put =1 to the components u want to install

so if I want to install Winamp agent I'd add

Winamp.msi Xagent=1

so if I want to install all Audio Components I'd add

Winamp.msi Xaudio=1

and that would add all the audio components so that u don't have to write all the sub-components of audio.

u can use multiple switches at the same time

so winamp.msi Xagent=1 Xaudio=1 Xvideo=1

and so on...

if u fully want to install Winamp use Xfull=1 option.

if u are registered with Winamp and have a serial key and a username do as follows to automatically register your copy of winamp

winamp.msi Xname=your user name Xkey=your key in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format

Do NOT forget to put "" around your user name if u have space in between..!!

if u don't want a certain component to not install, just leave it off the command line. Everything defaults to NOT INSTALLED unless specified with =1

U can see a list of it on the installer as well (if u don't want to use silent switches)


Fixed Problems

  • Msi is now able to add your registration key
  • Type registration has been fixed, now the types are selected

Known Issues:

  • When u uninstall Winamp the associations will not revert back to original program.(I could revert them back to media player, but I don't
    know if anyone uses Windows Media Player...)
  • No other known issues

sorry I still couldn't figure out how to use ini's so that u don't have to write everything in the commandline so :)

expect the new stuff from Alanoll.

okay for ppl who really don't want to use the msi u can always write a simple vbs or js to click on the preferences in original winamp.exe

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the register screen is a change from winamp 5.03 - 5.03a, which i think is good, it reminds you that you need to register, i usually forget this until i try and use one of the pro features, also fixes 1 or 2 bugs !

killed my bios chip so, cant install my unattended cd or test this out, trying to get someone to reprogram it :)!

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i think you didn't get many hits as some peopel might not have been awake or were going to not be awake :)

yeah commandline support

as a side note, Mac, you may want to add an INI file :rolleyes:




just those two lines. That will prevent the "registration" page comming up upon first run. Thought you should know. Doesn't work with a normal Winamp install from Nullsoft as it overwrites that file.

and your Winamp folder you're creating in the Startmenu has a lowercase 'w' :D

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