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  1. Ah nevermind. I used the Taskkill.exe that's already available in XP.
  2. I have this problem where after I install XP unattendly, Windows Messenger (msmsgs) logs me in. I would like to have a batch/runonce registry to kill it on startup, is there any programs that can do this for me? (I haven't been to this forum for a long long time, so I forgot most of the methods) On XP SP2 Thanks for your time.
  3. Well, I tried office shrink on a VMWare XP Pro, it still gave me 7 mb, the prompt said.. However, after closing the prompt, I get a error 25003 or something that say setup files are corrupted and when I press ok, it exits. How can this be?
  4. buckeyeXP, I solved the problem I had. Is there any method I could get a vmware to do this officeshrinking for me?
  5. buckeyeXP, is there a way to fix my current problem?
  6. I just know of this now. I read the first few posts. Right now, I'm trying to uninstall Word, Powerpoint and Excel, but, it keeps ending prematurely, like fatal error. I think it did something to my installation. How can I fix this problem now so I can uninstall certain products of office later?
  7. I'm having some problem with this officeshrink. I don't get a notice if it's done or not, and after an hour the process is still running. I check the office directory it's supposed to be target, it only has 6.76 mb there. Only the root and one setup.ini. Is there supposed to be a progress bar?
  8. Just wondering before I do it again, is it supposed to have no GUI while it's running? (After I point the directories out) I see the officeshrink running at 50 CPU in process manager. But when do I know it's the end and done? I do not get a prompt or whatever. I always end up with 7 mb in the new directory.
  9. Do you mind telling us what you did to fix it? I'm having a problem like this too.
  10. Does anyone have the silent switch for this program? Thanks.
  11. But uh..I was not asking about how to make my XP CD bootable, I was asking how to make Norton's .BINs boot when I insert it into the computer. Right now, imagine this cd is the norton AV CD, I'm trying to make it boot, except, it has some XP's files on it. I am trying to make the CD boot like a NAV Cd usually does.
  12. The Norton AV Cds are bootup, and I was wondering, since I'm adding it to my XP CD, how can I make it a selection on my list to bootup with that to check for viruses? Or how can I make it bootup Automatically(not putting it in a selection screen, having no selection atll)? Thanks.
  13. After I changed the way my drives were labeled (Switched Drive F to D), the two harddrives lettering that I changed had an icon problem, when viewed in explorer/"My Computer", I get a CDROM icon in place, it acts as the favicon too in the address bar. How can I change it to the appropriate harddrive icons? Thank you.
  14. A question on the side, if I have a XP Sp1a already integrated into a OEM disk, can I slipstream it to sp2 when final comes out?
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