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  1. Hi, i'm wondering if anyone has a guide for integating AHCI ICH9R Sata Drivers using nlite, i know there is a massive thread for nforce users but mine isnt an nforce board with nvidia drivers, its an its P965 board with ICH9R Controller with Intel drivers, i'm not wanting raid. If i run: iata86_enu.exe -a then it wont install the drivers from Intel Storage Matrix Drivers 8.5, it will extract them to: C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager/winall/ with /Driver and /Driver64 subdirectories inside. The files in the Driver dir are: iaAHCI.cat iaAHCI.inf iaStor.cat iaStor.inf IaStor.sys TXTSETUP.OEM The url for the driver is here, it contains the AHCI drivers, Raid0,Raid1,Raid5 drivers too in the installer: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/16750/eng/iata85_enu.exe
  2. nuhi, please can you give some more info on this item from 1.4.8 changelog: "fix: Out of memory error with some addons" As i've experienced this error a few days ago and streaming video from my cable box is resulting in out of memory errors. The only addon i'm using is: XP_SP3_UpdatePack_072008-r04.7z. I removed window messenger, msn explorer other than that just used some regtweaks. Praying that this is my problem, thought it might be a hardware problem, hope you can reply quickly so i know whether or not to format. I had several GB spare on each partition btw and i've got 4GB ram and quad core @ 3.5ghz so it's definately not low on resources. Many thanks!
  3. any way to integrate your serial number into the installation so you dont have to enter it?
  4. any way to get it to update the files instead so i can burn office 2007 sp1 integrated to a dvdr?
  5. i want to know how to integrate it too! http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/8...lfile-en-us.exe download link ^^
  6. hajj_3

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    nuhi, 1.4 RC2 didnt integrate SI3112 Silicon Image Sata Raid driver, do you know if this has been fixed or if anyone reported this bug? if not could you give it a try. thanks.
  7. thats why i want to make my own, its sooo much easier having a single dvd than 5 cd's and its only about 1.2gb iso due to duplicate files being removed. anyone know how to make 1?
  8. i managed to do it via command line and it worked nicely. is there any way to make an AIO (all in 1 dvd) of office 2003 pro sp3, a scene group did it with SP2. I'd like to make myself a dvd like the 1 above, current i now have the 5 .iso files as i made iso's from the new files using winiso. hope someone could point me to a guide if there is 1.
  9. are there any GUI apps that can slipsteam service packs into Office 2003? i know you can do it via command prompt but would like a nice gui 1-click program really. thanks.
  10. please can someone create a .reg file to do this: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...537806&st=0
  11. Would have been better to call this beta 2 instead of RC, or atleast call it RC1. people might think this is gunna be bug free, its likely that there will still be alot of bugs in this version. thanks for the bug fixes though, new features aint needed imo, we just want a nice stable 1.2
  12. Visual Studio.Net 2005 and SQL 2005 RTM'd, on msdn now ! get downloading it now!
  13. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  14. fernando, you have made about 5 seperate threads regarding nvraid integration, just use 1 thread, add replies when you find new things out, it saves alot of hassle for us and nuhi.
  15. yeah, a crc check on it would be good.
  16. i was thinking about getting Windows Media Centre edition 2005, is this basically xp pro sp2 integrated + some media programs and functions? do you need to install sp2 or does version 2005 have all of this functionality already ? does nlite work with it ? hope someone could help me out with these questions.
  17. found this file, it was posted on siprnova today, it supposedly allows multiple connection on xp sp2 rtm. can anyone tell me it its real and do i need to compress it so its tcpip.sy_ and put it in the i386 directory ?[1].sys.torrent i have the modifired uxtheme dll compressed file that a member kindly attached to a post, im gunna make another slipstreamed sp2 cd with nlite if the bugs are fixed now and put the new uxtheme file on and this file on so i will have a pretty much perfect xp cd. its 350k and will only compress down to 170k in rar, zip and ace formats.
  18. i used nlite 0.98.5 to create a sp2 integrated cd, i check the remove old versions of media player and remove windows messenger and msn explorer. when i formatted my hdd and was installing cd it said it couldnt find the files: mplayer2.exe npdsplay.exe these were supposed to be located in the i386 directory. please can someone send me these files so i can add the to the sp2 integrated cd. not sure if you need to compress them. as the dll files you compress them with makecab or something to make them dl_ files. pretty please could someone send them me or attach them to this post. ------ nirvanaman@gmail.com
  19. so i dont need to change any offsets in anything ? ifso thanks alot !!!
  20. can one of you do the necessary hash stuff and compressing so i can just download it, do i just overwrite to the file in the i386 dir of my sp2 integrated cd ? please can someone help, i really wanna burn my integrated sp2 corp cd, but would like the patched uxtheme.dll file.
  21. thanks guys, got the aio maker from the overnet link below. i have a dvd writer, i just wanted a menu that installed the office programs that you want rather than having 5 iso's on a dvd-r, just 1 dvd that you can choose what to install, i will give it a go. Removed - Alanoll
  22. i dont see how this is gunna work, for the tutorial it uses office 2003 pro cd 1, the setup.exe calls the msi file for the cd. for the all in 1 cd the setup.exe lets you choose which msi file to open e.g cd 2. so to slipstream you cant just slpstream the msi file cos there is one for each cd in each of the folders of the all in 1 cd. sp1 updates all or nearly all of the office 2003 system suite, e.g onenote and the other progreams, not just the standard office 2003 like word etc. dont see how this is going to work.
  23. i made an all in 1 with the xbetas slipstream program. i want to slipstream office 2003 sp1 which came out a few days ago, ive got the full sp1 which is about 70mb. i tried the guide on: http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/office2003_advanced.htm BUT the setup.exe on the all in 1 cd is a homemade one by the xbetas group, so it dosent slipstream it, it just launces the setup.exe. please can someone help me, i want my office 2003 all in 1 sp1 integrated cd, gunna be slipstreaming windows xp sp2 corp in a few days when it goes gold and will format and install both of these. please can somebody help.

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