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(Sent in e-mail once, still gonna post here for asap visibility)

For additional information, the dropdown input elements of sizes are too narrow, as shown in below pic.

P/S: In my e-mail I did mention about the dropdown input element of icon margin sizes, but turns out it affects the dropdown input element of icon sizes as well.


Also, I found that some UI strings are not localized, and I can't localize them by typing the shown text in my language file. Below are shown the locations of missing localizations as far as I can see -



Also the translations for StartAllBack in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are sent in e-mails to you, @Tihiy.

Thank you in advance.

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can you add to the application so that after the installation there is a link to the application as (recently used items) and not to add it yourself


I also have some UI strings not localized


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