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  1. Reminder: This bug still exists as of 3.0.6. The intended behaviour should be a context menu popping up upon right-clicking on IME icon. An example on vanilla Windows 10 -
  2. Yes. Follow Tihiy's instruction to set corner icons to use Windows 10 flyouts (in StartAllBack's taskbar settings), and when you click on the date and time part (not Action Center!), the Windows 10 version of the flyout will appear. Clicking on Action Center button still shows up Windows 11 combined flyout, so you can collapse the Windows 11 calendar to see more notifications without repeatingly expanding and collapsing the calendar part of the combined flyout.
  3. Bug: Using Microsoft Pinyin IME, right-clicking on IME icon does nothing. Probably affects other IMEs too. Please check if it can be solved?
  4. (Sent in e-mail once, still gonna post here for asap visibility) For additional information, the dropdown input elements of sizes are too narrow, as shown in below pic. P/S: In my e-mail I did mention about the dropdown input element of icon margin sizes, but turns out it affects the dropdown input element of icon sizes as well. Also, I found that some UI strings are not localized, and I can't localize them by typing the shown text in my language file. Below are shown the locations of missing localizations as far as I can see - Also the translations for StartAllBack in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are sent in e-mails to you, @Tihiy. Thank you in advance.

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