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Audio CDs with Media-Player-Classic?

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I tried to play an Audio CD using Media Player Classic (MPC) version 6,4,9,1.


More precisely, what I tried:

First of all I inserted the CD into the CD-Rom-drive. I selected "play" from the CD-right-click-menu, and the CD was played using the Win98SE-internal  cdplayer.exe.


Then I tried to play the CD with MPC. I started MPC, selected "file" - and there was a command "open disc", what should obviously start playing CD ... but the command was greyed out!

Then I tried to load the *.cda-files from the Audio-CD manually to MPC, but I also got a (well-known?) error message "cannot render the file" from MPC. :rolleyes:


I tried to edit some options inside MPC (e.g. assign *.cda file extension to MPC), but all with no effect - I got always the same error message, and the "open-disc"-command stayed greyed out.

I tried also some other MPC-versions than 6,4,9,1; always the same error occurs.


It seems that MPC hasn't detected that there was inserted a CD with files to play?!

Or that it can't find the correct filter(s) to play *.cda files?


So the deciding question: Did anybody ever have success to play an Audio CD with MPC? :whistle:



BTW: I had the same issue while using the player "mplayer" which seemed to be an interesting alternative to MPC, but it can't play *.mid-files (and no *.cda-files).

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I had problems with Windows Media Player 7 not playing CD's that I inserted in my CD-Rom drive. Problem sounds familiar to what you experiencing.

I don't know what the problem was. However, once I upgraded to Windows Media Player 9, it has worked perfectly for years. By the way, WMP9 also supports .MID files.

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Sorry for trying on XP, I don't have Win9x here... but with MPC6.4.9.1 can open audio CDs in both opening the cda files and using "Open Disc" menu. Do you have more optical drives?

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I have 2 optical drives. Same problem with both of them.


The WMP9 doesn't support other file-types which are played by MPC, i.e. *.mp4 and *.mov; I like the MPC (still) some little more.


Now I found a (partial) solution for the MPC:


It was possible to cause MPC to use the filter  CLAudioCD.ax.

At first I had to register this filter using the command  regsvr32 CLAudioCD.ax.

Then I added the following registry key:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Media Type\Extensions\.cda]
"Source Filter"="{54F4C1CD-D46A-11D4-9D0E-DA91C8F4645E}"

That caused that I can now at least load *.cda-files manually into MPC.


But the "open-disc"-option stiill stayes greyed out.

MPC does not detect automatically if a CD is inserted.


BTW: If I insert a CD under WinXP, so MPC detects automatically(!) when the CD is inserted; the option "open-Disc" changes from grey to black and can be selected.


It's now possible to play an Audio-CD if inserted into CD-Rom-drive automatically with MPC.

How-To: Associate the file-type "AudioCD" with  mplayerc.exe. But the filter (codec?)  CLAudioCD.ax  seems still to be needed. Maybe it's not possible that MPC uses the same filter like the Win98SE-internal cdplayer.exe?!

The option "open-Disc" stayes greyed out.

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Ummm how are you getting that? That's proprietary...


I have PowerDVD that will play DVD's.


MP4 - a Video file


Take a look at this.


Try QuickTime.

See this (install above to get MPC to play MOV)



Or Google this:

mp4 software player

mov software player


Also this:

mp4 "media player classic"


Those formats ar Movies, not Music.


(Barking up the wrong tree...)

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It's an built Audio CD. Win98SE detects it as an Audio CD -- because the CD is shown with the Win98SE-"AudioCD"-icon in "my computer".

Ummm how are you getting that? That's proprietary...
I have PowerDVD that will play DVD's.

I had/have the file  CLAudioCD.ax  from Cyberlink archived from an USB stick.
BTW: I have also a Cyberlink filter for playing DVDs.
All with MPC 6,4,9,1.
The MPC can also yet play *.mov, *.mp4 and other.
Newer MPC-versions (called MPC-HC) don't work (they also don't play files or crash, even with KernelEx enabled), but were not needed until now.

I tried  CDDAReader.ax (the oldest version available on sourceforge.net) and registered it; but with no success. With this filter I get the well-known "cannot render the file" error.
I now found a interesting posting on http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=29798&page=70, quote:
"I have installed powerdvd 5.0 and was trying to use the included audiocd playing filter (CLAudioCD.ax) for playing cd's with mpc on win98se. I know that the included audio filter only works with winxp which is why I was trying to get this to work. The "open cd-rom" option is greyed out so I go to open file and select a track to play but it doesn't work."
I have marked the deciding passage. It could maybe be that the internal MPC AudioCD-filter CDDAReader.ax will not work in Win98SE even with older versions of MPC?!

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