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There's another new Technical Preview build available


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Go into the PC Settings app, choose the Update & Recovery category, then Preview builds category along the left side. Make sure you're set to receive "Fast" updates if you don't want to wait for a better build.

It appears to be another multi-gigabyte download. I'm part way through it.

Total download was about 3 GB.

Install time on a reasonably powerful system was about 35 minutes (not particularly fast, given the hardware), and it's just now booting up. It's at the "Setting up a few more things 3%" stage right now.

As usual, the installation process (what is it, like Refresh? Reset?) cleared quite a few registry entries, and made a number of programs that were installed act as though they're not installed.

Some things learned so far...

  • Aero Glass 1.2.6 beta doesn't find symbols online yet, and so does not start.
  • Classic Shell 4.1.0 will not install.
  • Remember to install Windows Updates (there's already one available for this build).


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Internet Explorer now offers a new rendering engine (appparently only for a small percentage of testers).


I don't know whether I'm one of them, but I have a new smiley icon near the upper-right corner of the IE windows that (per Microsoft's instructions) I'm supposed to turn into a frowny if I run across a web page that doesn't work right.


I've noticed some subtle differences in the way the forum editor works.  Not worse or better, just different.






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Oh a smiley... it reminds me of what shows up on the Firefox (Mozilla really) web developer toolbar. Here is a picture:


It shows 3 things it checks

- the first, I'm not sure, it always says "Standards Compliance Mode" and has a green check


- Javascript

If there is an error, it will show the red circle with the X in it. Suffice it to say, 99% of websites show the CSS errors, and quite a few show the Javascript error. This screenshot I took is how it appears when viewing this thread.

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Everything seems okay here re: font sizes.  One of the things I do fairly early on, though, is to run a .reg file that contains metrics and stuff that I saved from a Win 7 system.  I might have missed problems with the defaults.


Or maybe Microsoft is just messing with more stuff they oughtn't be.



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How can we see if we have this engine or not?



That I don't know.  I presume you're seeing the smiley?


One thing I've noticed is that with this forum editor, the repeat rate for holding a key down (e.g., an arrow key or the Delete key) seems disconnected from the normal repeat that my keyboard does on its own (it has a clicker in it that lets me know when it's repeating a key being held down, but things take off in the editor before the repeated clicks start).  It's definitely different than before.



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It has broken my little AverTV PCI-e TV Tuner... the software/driver has survived since transitions from Windows8 to 10TP and both recent builds.  (Might just try to reinstall, but you see my point) Perhaps try some compatibility modes.... Actually I was generally impressed how each Windows versions installed without much fuss... until now.


And ClassicShell doesn't work now either, and Aeroglass predictably too. (Classic Shell won't be fixed anytime soon says the support forum)


Glass should self restore next symbol server update in days or a week, and maybe I will try StartisBack1.7beta instead- or gel into the new Windows 10 thing. Its worked so far.


Says a lot for software compatibility really. :(  I've had to 'repair' VMware workstation each Win update too due to an error of some dll that gets borked.


But hey, we got new flat looking folder icons- and I can disable the search icon on the task bar that has only ever worked once, usually I get a large white blank box anyway.


I had to disable OneDrive again in Group Policy. (No cloud for me, I have a simple NAS on my network that serves me well, and limited internet data)


Internet Cloud = $$$,  default should be off. Tethered devices and extortionist pricing for wireless is just one reason.


Maybe adding native .mkv container support is subtle drm integration for popular torrented files.... :whistle:


Still- No new screen savers or WMP visualizations since XP (Excuse anything Vista had.. those were taken away), many dialog box elements are also prehistoric.


You wonder how deep the code rot is if these Build updates are so huge each time.


I'll let the joke continue.... The little es penryn is happily running anything useful in XP or OSX in VMware anyway. The host OS is only the wheels on this bus. :thumbup









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ClassicShell is actively removed by Microsoft, and the installer was added to the list of incompatible programs, BUT...


Rename the installer to CS.exe and run it, and it goes in just fine.





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