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Blue Screens around the world


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3 hours ago, Tripredacus said:

There is no story about this one:

OT, but not much, I hoped it was the Microsoft device seen in this video (please take note on how entertained do the good MS engineers look while playing with this device):

but after a second look it is just a "Gakken worldeye", only a projector:


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Here is a different angle of it, from Instagram:


I was not able to find the actual posting, this only shows in Google Images and when you try to view the site it comes from, it is not on that page. If I were to guess, it was a mall in Germany or Austria, judging by the "Doppelte Power" sign you can see in the first pic, which is an advertisement from Hauwei.

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NOT technically a blue screen and sorry for image quality, but combination of billboard refresh rate, little time while on red light and calculator-style phone, but I hope you enjoy this teamviewer window... Zielonka near Warsaw.


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