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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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Nide tool, but the instructions are not verry clear.

So you have to use it on a clean install, does this means: windowsXP SP1 without any update? Or will it work on a fully patched windows XP SP2?

How about the updates of office, can they be included?

And when do you have to run the program?

First make an unattended version of office (create the mst file)

Can this be done with a slipstreamd version of office (with al the updates?)

And when I finaly have done a clean install of windows, do I have to run your program before installation of office?

And after running your program, what will I get? Will the source files be reduced, and do I have to copy them to use in a new unattended CD?

(yes yes, like many others I'm a newbie... And I spend too mutch time reading al the comments in postings :P )

it will work on a fully Windows XP + SP2 + hotfixes.

just don't install any softwares.

MS .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 should be installed (it's the only one which can/must be installed).

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Im a noob to all this.... Read some guides, but someone just give me a brief idea on what exactly should happen.. I'm trying to shrink My ofice cd, I need to make an mst file, the shrink program should run in the tray, what happens then? I should get a new folder with my shrunk office xp files in?

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Would it be possible to have the file edited to allow Swedish?

I'll gladly help in any way I can, but for now it seems I can't run it... :(

Oh... just a question... is there a specific reason for the languages being hardcoded? somewhere you mentioned an .ini file where it should be possible to specify language and "Error" and such... but I can't find one... and creating one didn't help...

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Im a noob to all this.... Read some guides, but someone just give me a brief idea on what exactly should happen.. I'm trying to shrink My ofice cd, I need to make an mst file, the shrink program should run in the tray, what happens then? I should get a new folder with my shrunk office xp files in?

it helps to read and use the search function.

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Just in case anyone else had this problem. After following the PDF I ended up with a office2003.exe file that was only 207KB. This is because on line 12 I did both a. and b. part of the instructions when you either type the command manually

copy /b 7xxxx +config.txt etc etc


use the 7xxx.exe to do it for you.

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OK here it is...  Shrink Office development for different languages.


Here is what you do...

1.) Run office shrink click "NO" on the option to use the previous setup file.

2.) enter you language.  (If it is not listed let me know and i will try to add it)

3.)  It should get stuck at an error message.  That looks like the attached picture.

4.)  Open the shrink.ini file:

title=Microsoft Office

Change the retry to the text on the middle button... the equivelant of "retry" in the language that you have chosen.  be sure to leave the "&" infront of the word

if the word for error is different than error then change that

Change the title to the title of the error window.  the first two words are sufficient.

5.)  Rerun office shrink and choose to keep the ini settings.  It should work.(of corse if it dosent send me the log and a screenshot would be helpful also)

6.)  If it works tell me the settings of just send me the office.log or shrink.ini so i can hard code them into the program.

Great its working for french!!!!!

title=Microsoft Office
Office Source=D:\$OEM$\$1\Office2003\
Office Target=C:\office\
Office Setup EXE file=SETUP.EXE
Office Setup MST file=Unattended.MST

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Man, this thread is a freakin' mess.


Then guys like Astalavista wouldn't have to get snooty about reading and using the search function so often.

You guys, coming into this stuff is REALLY HARD for non-programmers. Yes, we know answering the same questions a million times is really obnoxious for you good programmer-types, but you wouldn't have to if you realized what the holes in your information were, what people obviously weren't getting about the operation of the program, and posted it at the beginning of a ridiculously long thread! For God's Sake!

Here's how this program works:

To begin with, you don't need a clean install of Windows, you just need an installation of Windows that DOESN'T HAVE OFFICE ON IT. If you've got that, fine. If not, reinstall Windows, install a Virtual machine, whatever. Make sure your OS has no previous versions of Office on it. Now:

1) Download the shrinker from the first post and forget about it for a while.

2) Get your office cd and put it into your computer.

3) Go here: Office XP for the Office XP version and here: Office 2003 for the Office 2003 version of the instructions you need to slipstream all the latest updates into your computer and SET AN ADMINISTRATIVE INSTALL POINT.

4) Apparently, you've got to do that. Set an Administrative Install Point, okay?

5) Keep following the instructions over there on the guide. Eventually, you'll download the Office Resource Kit, which will take you through everything you'll need to do to install ONLY THE OFFICE TOOLS YOU WANT. This step creates the .MST file that you need to run the shrinker.

6) NOW you can run the shrinker, okay? What it does is ask for the Source files of Office, which I think means the CD you're installing from, and then asks for the destination you'll be installing to. Then, it wants the Setup.exe file, and then the .MST file you made with the ORK.

7) The shrinker watches the install of Office that you're now doing, and copies all those files, and ONLY those files, into the destination directory. Those are the files you specified in the ORK, and are only the applications and inclusions that you want. So you're only getting the Office that you want.

8) At the end, the destination directory has ALL the files you need to run ONLY the Office tools and programs that you specified in the ORK, and should be zipped up using WinRAR or some similar program.

9) Then, finally, it should be referenced in the start.cmd file on your Unattended CD for installation at the end of the Windows install process. The lines for the start.cmd file are as follows:


ECHO Installing Office XP [Home or Pro] with [name your applications here]

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\OfficeXP\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-

And? The final file should be placed here: C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\Applications\OfficeXP\

There. And I haven't even used the program!

This, or the awesome .pdf on page 34: Kickass Guide or any of the other good guides in the last THIRTY-SEVEN pages ought to be posted in that first freakin' post... It's just ridiculous that something like that hasn't been done.

Good night. I hope this helps. PLEASE correct any mistakes, so I can update them, and then follow this in the morning when I've utterly forgotten how to do all this...

Thanks! Great site, and great guide!

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U missed one very important pt

CLEAN install! LOL

Good summary of the progress.

Pls use a gentler attitude when you are talking to buckeyeXP.

buckeyeXP and the rest of us that make guides and programs do not get paid or receive anything.

We do what we do simply bec. we want to help others.

Some of us are working professionals, students, and employees.

Personally i dont get to logon or post as often anymore.

Really busy launching my new business and setting up my own forum.

buckeyeXP! 3 cheers for you. Great program !!!

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sorry, Astalavista, i really didnt meant to be rude, or ungental. anyway, i clean install the windows XP SP2. I am using VMWARE 4.52, i formated and install the winxp sp2 right from the basic. then i install .net fx SP1.

Then used Shrinker did the same clean installtion twice but saldy getting the same error. I really understand people like buckeyeXP and Nuhi there really doing a great job arround here, i really like nLite it saved me time and a lot tension in making a customized cd of winxp.

I am really sorry, about my previous post. would try my best to be more gental while posting :)

Thanks buckeyeXP, for the Shrinker, could anyone help me further to the solution of the problum.

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