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  1. Nero Serial Problem..?

    guess mines not blacklisted then :-P cause no demo for me
  2. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    thanks. I used Astalavista's n00b method. worked great. sorry for posting on the wrong thread
  3. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    When i install windows, it copies all the drivers and stuff and works great! but what about the DP.exe in the root of my drive? i can delete that now right? cause the drivers are in the dp folder now? sorry if this has already been answered....
  4. Problems installing XP... so many problems

    the bad memory can cause all kinds of problems. see it lots of times at work.
  5. Nero Serial Problem..?

    BEFORE u install nero u use the reg huh??
  6. Nero Serial Problem..?

    k, ill get right on that buddy thanx
  7. Nero Serial Problem..?

    thanks for the help (especially you astalavista). How do they know its a pirated one? will the serial work in that thread you both posted? thanks
  8. im trying to use this command but its not entering the serial number for some reason... am i doing something wrong? thanks! %cdrom%\Install\nero.exe /SILENT /NOREBOOT /SN= ****-****-****-****-****-**** /WRITE_SN just did a registry search and found this. can someone verify theirs? does your also say "Serial6"? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Info] "User"="User" "Company"="" "Serial6"="****-****-****-****-****-****" if so ill just make a reg file... unless someone can see where i screwed the command line up or what im doing wrong.
  9. Whaazzzz UUUpppp

    Sup ppl? Ive been here for a few weeks so i figured id introduce myself im Dankbud42o and love to smoke mad weed lol. This site kicks a**! totally the best site out here by far! it makes my job so much easier w/ the unattended install... got it unattended and got WPI to install all my apps. just have a few problems w/ a few apps installing silently. and for some reason i cant get the office 2003 to shrink and 7zip right.... i dont know what im doing wrong...
  10. How much do you webmasters usually charge as an hourly fee for websites? i just got offered a job to build a website for a company and not sure how much to charge for an hourly rate.... i was thinking around $15 or so an hour?? is that reasonable or what? thanks.
  11. Collection of switches.......

    Nice work, thanks!
  12. Wow, someone screwed up and Astalavista for once didnt report them to the moderators.... must be in a good mood today
  13. newbi question

    dood, u are such a hater... u try to report everyone for anything you can possibly think of. why dont u waste your time doing other things besides trying to get people banned? you were a n00b at one time in your life and im sure you have made mistakes too. you should chill man...
  14. i have this error too! but it shows more than just these two files. i have the ENGLISH VERSION.... help sorry for all the repetative posts but ive been trying this for DAYS now and still cant get it to work right...