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IPB Update July 2013 (to version 3.4.5) - BUGS Only


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I recently noticed that I am no longer receiving email replies to posts. I always have in the past.

I looked over my Notification Settings, and they seem correct.

This is what I have checked for email under Topics and Posts:

Auto follow topics I reply to. Notification frequency: Immediate

Notification method to use for replies to followed topics (should this one also be checked for "Notification List"?)

Am I missing something?

Thank You...

(I hope I'm in the right forum for this question)

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I have a few forums (Windows 7, XP, 2000/NT, and a few others) that I used to get a weekly digest of. I've noticed that I haven't gotten this in a few weeks. I checked my spam folder, there's nothing there...I checked the forums and it seems that I'm still subscribed and should be receiving updates, but I haven't gotten anything in a while.

Is this a known issue? Anyone else having this problem?

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If you have a post with code box in it, and you edit it, with every edit it adds a new empty line on top.

Mentioned by Jaclaz in http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/163472-ipb-update-july-2013-to-version-345-bugs-only/page-2#entry1046894

[Edit1] to test.

[Edit2] It seems to do it on the second Edit and afterwards.

[Edit3] Opera Presto last version here, by the way.

[Edit4] I never ever touched the code box.

[Edit5] This is the last edit; I'm not so sure any more about [Edit2].


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There seems to be a problem with the counter that reports the number of users currently viewing a given thread:


It reported a grand total of zero users of any kind, but this cannot be correct since I (obviously) am reading the thread (and also signed in).

The behavior is inconsistent -- when I entered this Bug Report thread to write this post, the counter said there that there was one user (me), so it doesn't happen all the time. But I do notice that, for example, the counter frequently fails to detect (or at least to report) my presence.

Not sure if this issue carries over to the counter that gives the number of times a thread has been viewed during its existence.


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Still no notifications here either. Plus I noticed a issue a little while ago.


In this picture here the quick links highlighted are broken and have been since the "upgrade".

The first one works but the others give the oops something went wrong error...

As a personal note I reallly hate ipb for the sh*tty force job they did on this so called upgrade. Really Microsoft-ish of them.

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Since you're at it, xper, please do take a look at this issue:

It's impossible to zoom when viewing a mobile version of the MSFN forum. If possible, please change it. Disabling zoom-in functionality on mobile sites is a big no-no :}

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